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With the advent of customised hair products, you can tend to your hair needs in a better and efficient way. Read on to know more.

We all have different types of hair. Whether it is straight, curly or wavy, every hair has its unique needs and requires a different approach to solve its issues.

On a daily basis, you face many hair problems such as
  • Excessive hair fall
  • Premature greying
  • Scalp related issues like itchiness, redness, flakiness
  • Dandruff issues
  • Dry, brittle and frizzy hair
These factors are mostly caused by
  • Stress
  • Pollution
  • Constant exposure to the sun's UV rays
  • Irregular diet habits
  • Lifestyle choices like drinking, smoking or not exercising on time
  • Harmful styling products

To tackle various hair issues, you get the best hair products from the market like shampoos, conditioners, oils and serums or apply diy hair masks once a week, home remedies etc.

Even though all these products and remedies give you some respite, it is temporary.

Nothing seems to be working on a permanent level.

Ever wondered why you are facing the same hair problems again and again even after trying everything possible?

Why Customizing Your Hair Products Is Important

Customised hair care regimen is the next big thing

Knowing your hair type is the first step to getting the right hair care products.

Hair products that are exclusively designed to fight your unique hair issues, infused with the right amount of ingredients, works best for your hair.

In other words, when you customize hair products according to your unique hair needs, you get the best results.

Why Switch To Ayurveda

Shampoos are nourishing but can have terrible consequences. And you want the best for your hair. Ayurveda is a better alternative due to the following reasons

  • The Ayurvedic approach is holistic and promotes overall well-being
  • Ayurveda is 100% natural with no side effects
  • Ayurveda addresses the root cause of the problem

Let’s Talk Ayurveda

Ayurveda is over 5,000 years old

What is the first thought that comes to your mind when you hear ‘Ayurveda’? healing? safe? effective? feeling of assurance?

Over 5,000-year-old ancient technology that is still used extensively to treat many diseases, Ayurveda has successfully cured many hair related issues.

It is one of the safest methods with hardly any side effects.

Ayurveda For Hair Care

Ayurveda has been a pioneer in hair care

Any change in the body - good or bad - is reflected in your hair.

According to Ayurveda, your hair is the last organ to receive nutrients from the body. So when your digestive system is not working well, your hair receives the least nutrients.

This gets reflected when your hair starts showing symptoms of hair fall, dryness, scalp infections etc.

A Glance Through Ayurvedic Doshas

Doshas run the body in harmony

According to Ayurvedic science, your body is made of three factors or doshas - vata, pita and kapha. An imbalance in these doshas leads to different health concerns, including hair.

Doshas are defined as biological energies that control all physical and mental processes found throughout the human mind and body.

Every living organism is made of matter. Matter is comprised of five elements - air, ether (space), fire, water and earth, also known as Panchabhoota.

The Ayurvedic Doshas - Vata, Pitta and Kapha - are made from the panchabhoota.

When there is a dosha imbalance, your body reacts in different ways. In this process, your hair’s well being is also affected.

Dosha Constitutions
  • Vata: Ether and Air
  • Pitta: Fire and Water
  • Kapha: Earth and Water

Doshas And Hair Types

Each dosha has their own distinctive hair type

Dosha Hair Type
Vata Hair is comparatively thin, often a bit coarse, may be straight, curly, or a combination of the two.
Pitta Hair is normally straight, soft with moderate thickness.
Kapha Hair is normally wavy, lustrous, full, strong, coarse, and thick.

When you suffer from dosha imbalance, your hair reacts differently

  • A person suffering from vata imbalance experiences more dryness and frizz.
  • A person suffering from pitta imbalance experiences thinning of hair, early signs of greying and baldness.
  • Likewise, a person suffering from kapha imbalance experiences excess greasy scalp.

Fight Hair Issues With Ayurveda

Ayurveda is very effective in fighting hair fall

Unlike modern scientific treatments, Ayurveda does not work on the surface level. Rather, it takes a holistic approach to cure hair problems.

Ayurveda approaches your hair issue, examines the root cause and then prescribes medicines or hair products chosen to fight only that unique hair problem which you are currently facing.

And this is what is called Customised Ayurveda.

Customised Ayurveda - Let Your Hair Do The Talking

Suppose you and your friend suffer from hair loss. Ayurveda says that though the issue is the same, the root cause will be different.

While you may be suffering from an unhealthy diet, your friend’s hair fall may be caused by stress.

Hence, the root cause for your hair fall is different as compared to your friend’s.

In Customised Ayurveda, both you and your friend will be treated differently. While you will be advised for a diet change, your friend will be counselled to work on her stress levels.

In a Customised approach, specific herbal organic ingredients are personally selected to tackle your hair concern.

This way, your hair problems will be cured faster, better and in an effective way. That is why customization is the best approach for treating any sort of hair concern.

Now you must be wondering, “How do I customise my hair products?” Do not worry, as Vedix is here to help you.

Vedix Customised Hair Care Regimen

Vedix Customised Hair Care Regimen

Vedix Customised Hair Care Regimen, India’s first Ayurvedic hair care brand where products are Customised according to your hair’s unique needs.

With Vedix, you can know your hair’s Ayurvedic profile. Just answer a few questions by taking the Vedix Dosha Assessment Questionnaire and get your hair analysis. This information can determine your hair’s exact composition and its unique needs.

Why Vedix?

Vedix Customised Hair Care Regimen is highly recommended for the following reasons

  • Vedix takes a holistic approach. It attacks your hair concerns from all corners and makes sure your hair is fully protected.
  • Absence of harmful chemicals like parabens and sulphates
  • Infused with modern Ayurveda
  • Tailor-made for you
  • Cruelty free

Try Vedix Customised Hair Care Regimen, exclusively crafted for your unique hair needs. Take the Vedix Dosha Assessment Questionnaire today.

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