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As per Ayurvedic Tridosha Theory, hair fall is caused due to an elevated state of doshas (internal body mechanisms) in your body. The three doshas are Vata (Air & Ether), Pitta (Fire) and Kapha (Water and Earth).

As per your answers, your elevated doshas are shown below. Addressing these elevated doshas is the key to stopping hair fall.

Our analysis shows that your elevated doshas are Kapha and Vata.

Your Recommended Vedix Hair-Growth Regimen For Elevated Kapha-Vata

  • 1. Vedix Anti-Hairfall Oil (Kapha-Vata)

    Anti-Hairfall Oil (Kapha-Vata)


    Oiling your scalp is an essential first step in your holistic ayurvedic hair growth regimen.

    Your Vedix Anti-Hair Fall Oil is Customised with the following:

    1. Kapha Specific Herbs
    2. Vata Specific Herbs
    3. Keshya Dravyas


    The Following Herbs Help Pacify Elevated Kapha, While Offering Additional Benefits:

    • Pacify Elevated Kapha And Control Oiliness With Jyotishmati: Jyotishmati pacifies an elevated Kapha. Jyotishmati also regulates oil production on the scalp.
    • Pacify Elevated Kapha And Control Greying With Bhringraj: Bhringraj pacifies an elevated Kapha. The herb also acts as a natural dye, keeping hair dark and shiny.
    • Pacify Elevated Kapha And Get Thicker Hair With Japa: Japa pacifies an elevated Kapha. While offering thicker and longer hair, Japa also maintains the softness of your hair strands.


    The Following Herbs Help Pacify Elevated Vata, While Offering Additional Benefits:

    • Pacify Elevated Vata And Nourish Hair With Triphala: Triphala is a group of 3 herbs Haritaki, Vibhitaki and Amalaki. Together, these 3 herbs are a powerful reducer of Vata. Triphala also promotes hair growth, and has powerful anti-greying properties. Triphala is also a source of vital nutrients needed by your hair.
    • Pacify Elevated Vata And Get Thicker Hair With Jatamansi: Jatamansi pacifies an elevated Vata. It enhances thick hair growth by increasing the size of the hair follicle.


    Keshya Dravyas:

    The Following Herbs Are Keshya Dravyas. Keshya Dravya herbs have an beneficial pharmacological effect on your scalp and hair. Included Keshya Dravyas offer the following benefits:

    • Soothe Your Scalp with Ashwagandha: Ashwagandha possess anti-inflammatory properties that soothes an irritated scalp, leading to improved blood circulation
    • Arrest Your Hair Fall with Vata: Vata improves the growth and texture of the hair follicle, thus greatly reducing hair fall
    • Maintain A Healthy Scalp with Tulasi: The antibiotic and anti-inflammatory properties reduce dandruff and maintain scalp health
    • Get Stronger Hair with Carrot Seed Oil: Carrot seed oil contains high levels of Vitamin A and Vitamin E that are essential nutrients for the hair strength


    What Makes Vedix Anti-Hair Fall Oil Better Than The Rest?

    • Vedix Oil immediately lubricates your hair follicles and scalp bed, penetrating deep into your scalp
    • Vedix Oil moisturizes your hair strands and scalp, and reaches deep into your hair follicle for superior effectiveness
    • The unique combination of Dosha-pacifying herbs and Keshya Dravyas makes a powerful scalp nourishing oil that arrests hairfall and promotes hair growth

    Quantity: 100 ml

    Formulated For: 30 days

    How To Use:

    1. Take 5-15ml of oil (depending on hair length) and apply all over the scalp
    2. Gently massage for 5-10 minutes
    3. Leave on for at least one hour before washing with Vedix Shampoo
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  • 2. Vedix Hair Regrowth Serum

    Hair Regrowth Serum


    Vedix Hair Growth Serum is an essential step to promote hair growth. The serum treats your follicle roots on a micro level.

    Since it’s water based, the serum is easily absorbed into your scalp for maximum effectiveness. This helps your hair hair follicles absorb the benefits of the herbs and essential oils directly.  

    • Vedix Hair Regrowth Serum promotes hair growth by penetrating into your scalp bed and expanding hair follicles
    • The serum is quick absorbing and non-greasy
    • The serum comes with a dropper that makes precise application easy
    • The serum helps maintain your scalp’s pH balance and overall healthy functioning
    • The serum also keeps your hair healthy, bouncy and shiny


    Your Vedix Hair Growth Serum Includes The Following Ingredients & Benefits:

    • Regrow Your Hair With Gunja: Gunja stimulates hair follicles to promote hair growth even in bald areas of the scalp
    • Boost Your Hair Growth With Kumari: Kumari promotes hair growth and repairs damaged hair. It is also a natural pH balancing agent with antifungal and scalp soothing properties
    • Strengthen Your Hair Roots With Grapeseed: Grapeseed essential oil is known for its conditioning properties. It controls dryness and strengthens hair roots right from the follicle level
    • Thicker Hair With Japa: Japa promotes thicker and longer hair growth while also maintaining the softness of the strands
    • Tackle Scalp Infections With Cedar: Cedar possesses antifungal, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, making it an ideal herb to prevent scalp infections and bacterial activity
    • Control Greying With Bakuchi: Bakuchi is known to reduce premature greying. It also promotes hair growth and maintains scalp health
    • Lustrous Hair With Bhringraj: Bhringraj helps nurture and condition hair keeping it lustrous. It also acts a natural dye


    Quantity: 50 ml

    Formulated For: 30 days

    How To Use:

    • Take 3-5 ml of serum with the dropper and apply all over the scalp.
    • Gently massage for 5 minutes. Leave overnight.
    • Use every alternate day
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  • 3. Vedix Anti-Hairfall Shampoo

    VedixAnti-Hairfall Shampoo


    Cleansing your hair and scalp after oiling is the best way to get rid of the excess grim, dirt, bacteria, and the oil production from your scalp and hair lengths. Your Shampoo Is:

    Your Vedix Anti-Hair Fall Shampoo

    • Is free of harmful ingredients like sulfates and parabens
    • Is a natural coconut-surfactant shampoo with no added synthetics
    • Cleanses the dirt, pollution, excess oils, dust and other particles from your scalp and hair
    • Does not disturb the scalp pH and maintains your ideal pH balance
    • Is gentle on your hair and does not strip away the benefits of Vedix oil


    Your Vedix Anti-Hair Fall Shampoo Has The Following Ingredients & Benefits

    • Nourish Your Hair With Kumari: Kumari retains and locks moisture in the hair due to its cuticle penetrating and restructuring capacity. It also strengthens and adds lustre to the hair strands
    • Get A Healthy Scalp With Yashtimadhu: Yashtimadhu is an effective remedy in treating patchy baldness, dandruff, premature greying and hair loss. This herb also helps in stronger and darker hair growth
    • Arrest Your Hair Fall With Gunja: According to various studies, Gunja arrests hair fall and stimulate hair growth, even in the bald areas of the scalp
    • Get Lustrous Hair With Bhringraj: Bhringraj, also known as Kesharaja, is known for its nurturing and conditioning properties that keep the hair lustrous and dark
    • Get Shiny Hair With Quinoa Protein: Quinoa is a seed rich with protein that adds shine to the hair strands. It is also known as a natural hair conditioner

    In fact, this cleansing shampoo nourishes your hair as you rinse off the excess lather, with its nourishing agents.


    Quantity: 100 ml

    Formulated For: 30 days

    How To Use:

    • Apply shampoo to wet hair.
    • Gently massage into a rich lather from scalp to ends
    • Rinse with water. Repeat if desired.
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Thousands Of Women Like You Are Using Vedix & Absolutely Loving It!

"I have no hair fall anymore! My hair have grown really long & thick"
Chaya, 29 Ahmedabad
"It worked excellent for me and I have zero hair fall now!"
Apoorva, 25 Hyderabad
"I have a lot lesser hair fall now & my hair feels much softer"
Shiwangi, 26 Mumbai
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Vedix Is Formulated By Ayurvedic Experts With Over 25 Years Of Experience In Ayurvedic Hair Treatments!

Vedix Dr. Varsha Prabala, MD (Ayu)

Dr. Varsha Prabala has a seamless record of expert research & development in Ayurvedic formulations for skin and hair. She is an established and highly skilled Ayurvedic Practitioner with over 5 years of clinical practice. She conducted over 5000 hours of extensive trials, testing and proving the effectiveness of Vedix Customised Hair Care Regimen.

Vedix Dr. Sridevi Gaddam, B.A.M.S:

Dr. Sridevi Gaddam is an an award-winning Ayurvedic Practitioner with over 20 years of clinical expertise. She mastered the art of formulations and panchakarma from some of the most respected Gurus of Ayurveda in Kerala. She is the brains behind Vedix, as well as the lead formulator.

Vedix Dr. G Sridevi receiving another accolade for her contributions to Ayurvedic practice.
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"I was fed up of using different products for my hair problems and not getting good results..."

Vedix Subhalakshmi Neeli - 29, Senior HR, Chennai.

"I have tried so many products. Some seemed to work for a while but ultimately results were always underwhelming. I must have spent… I don't even want to think how much on hair care products! All have been an utter waste of my time and even more importantly, a complete waste of money."

Saw Vedix Customised hair care

"I was in the cab returning from office, when i first saw the Vedix ad. Customised care for hair was a completely new concept for me, and I wasn't sure what to make of it. Surely it was yet another scam. But as i read more, i decided to try it. Their guarantee played a big part in convincing me to give it a shot."

"My hair has never been so healthy and strong... I just love my products!"

"I used Vedix just as the usage instructions suggested for one month. I could see clear difference in my hair fall situation. There were much fewer hair to be found on my pillow and comb. I was so happy i decided to go for 3 months subscription - and after 3 months of using Vedix, i am simply in love with my products! My dull hair MUCH better, and my hair fall has almost stopped! I am even getting used to receiving compliments for my hair! People who didn't see me before think my hair always looked this good! Very excited to see what happens after 6 months of usage. Love Vedix, highly recommend it to anyone sick of wasting their money on products that didn't have any effects. Go with Customised hair care, you wont regret it!"

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Vedix Brings To You, World Class Customised Ayurveda At Everyday Prices.

At Vedix, we've spent over 2 years of research and testing in perfecting our products.

We work with our team of Ayurvedic doctors, formulators and practitioners, as well our tens of thousands of customers, to make our offering more precise and more powerful every single day!

Right from our questionnaire to the selection of herbs that go into your products, we take every step seriously to give you a one-of-a-kind hair growth regimen.

But before we say anything further about Vedix, let's look at some of the other options in the market for treating hair fall, and how they compare:

Option 1 - Hair Transplants:

Hair transplants is an option often explored by people to get back the healthy hair that they love. However, not everything is as perfect as it sounds in this option.

  • Getting a hair transplant done from a reputable and safe institution costs you a minimum of Rs. 50,000/-
  • Let's not forget the additional consultation fees, medicine and transportation costs

Despite all the money and time spent, the truth is that hair transplants are messy, complicated and hardly guaranteed

Option 2 - Luxury Ayurvedic Brands:

Now, if your hair fall issues are not severe enough for you to get a transplant done, you must be relying on the big luxury Ayurvedic brands to solve your issues.

Afterall, they're natural and promise results... so no harm in trying them out right? Well, that is where we often go wrong.

  • Using a oil, shampoo, conditioner and serum from these brands will cost you at least Rs.7000/- per month!
  • These Ayurvedic products are mass produced and do not target your specific hair concerns
  • Despite being natural and ayurvedic, there is no guarantee that the ingredients used will be suitable to your hair & scalp

Vedix Differs From All These Options: It Provides All Round Protection For Your Hair & Is Effective Too!

Vedix customizes the regimen according to your hair type, texture, issue and considering more lifestyle and diet factors. This further ensures that the products are personalized just for you and no one else.

Get Vedix Anti- Hair Fall Regimen For As Low As Rs. 1019/- Per Month!

Vedix Ayurvedic Products Customised Just For You

Depending on the plan you choose, you can get Vedix at as low as Rs. 1019/- per month. What's more:

  • Uses 100% Natural Ingredients
  • Certified by the Department of AYUSH
  • Ayurvedic Practitioner-Approved
  • Free of SLES and SLS, Paraben-free
  • A Complete Hair Care Regimen
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Vedix's Healthy Hair Guarantee - Or 100% Of Your Money Back


You’re Protected With Vedix’s 30-Day Healthy Hair Guarantee

We at Vedix know that our Customised hair care regimen is the safest, simplest and fastest way to hair growth - the Ayurvedic way.

And we're sure that once you use your Customised products, you'll feel exactly the same way.

If however, for any reasons, your Customised products don't meet your expectations, we will, within 30 days of receiving your order, give you 100% of your money back.

No Questions Asked.

Simply get in touch with us at support@vedix.com or on our toll free number 1800-313-224466 (between the hours of 9am to 6pm, Mon-Sat). This contact information can also be found on the bottom of the page.

If you have other questions or clarifications, please call right now (as you're reading this!) and we'll clarify them for you.

Vedix Fair Use Policy

We believe in the satisfaction of our users above all. That’s why the Vedix Fair Use Policy ensures you get full refund if you’re not satisfied with your regimen.

Except in the case of trial plan, any refund claimed after 30 days will be made available only for the unshipped products. Products used in the first month will not be refunded in such a case.

Vedix Brings To You, World Class Customised Ayurveda At Everyday Prices.

Vedix's Customised Hair Growth Regimen is available in three plans. The plans are:

Vedix Customised Hair Growth Test Plan (1 Month):

If you're still not convinced, the trial pack is a one-month-only option that introduces you to the Vedix Customised Hair Growth Ayurvedic Regimen.

  • One package delivered
  • Contains shampoo, serum & oil
  • 1 month total plan duration
  • Paid only once

Vedix Customised Hair Growth Moderate Plan (3 Months):

Our recommended plan. The Moderate 3 Months Plan gives your hair and scalp time to adjust to your new regimen, and for visible changes to begin to show.

  • One package delivered per month for 3 months
  • Each package contains shampoo, serum and oil & lasts one month
  • 3 months total plan duration
  • Paid all at once

Vedix Customised Hair Growth Maintenance Plan (5 Months):

The ultimate hair growth plan. Using Vedix's Complete Customised Hair Growth Solutions for 5 months makes a great and lasting impact on your hair's health and volume!

  • One package delivered per month for 5 months
  • Each package contains shampoo, serum and oil & lasts one month
  • 5 months total duration
  • Paid all at once

Do I Get The Products Every Month?

For the test plan, you will only receive 1 month's worth of products.

For the 3 months plan, you will receive 1 box a month, for 3 months.

For the 5 months plan, you will receive 1 box a month, for 5 months.

Note: If you have products left over, you can choose to delay receiving your next box.

Do I Need To Pay Every Month?

Vedix believes in making the payment process hassle free for you. Hence, you will just have to pay once for your selected plan.

Can I Cancel Anytime?

Yes, you can. Vedix’s Healthy Hair Guarantee ensures that you can cancel anytime for a 100% refund , No Questions Asked. Please get in touch with us at support@vedix.com, or on our toll free number 1800-313-224466 (9am-6pm, Mon-Sat).

Get Your Vedix Customised Hair Growth Regimen Today

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Vedix Vedix Vedix Vedix Vedix Vedix Vedix


Unlike other brands that give generic solutions, Vedix is a Customised hair care solution. We customize the products for hair issues according to one's elevated doshas.

Generic shampoos have SLS and SLES, which can be harsh on your scalp. Using generic shampoo while you're following a Customised regimen will only disturb your scalp health further and render no benefits. Our team of Ayurvedic doctors suggest using custom shampoo provided in your custom regimen to avoid side-effects from the use of other generic products.

As the custom products - oil, shampoo, and serum are interdependent, you cannot buy the products individually. We suggest using all 3 products to gain maximum benefits.

Vedix regimen may have some pharmacological effects on greying, however, it is not formulated to reduce greying issue.

Ayurveda in its original, pure, and effective form begins with YOU. vedix aims to do the same with our Customised regimen. Your scalp and hair type are unique to only you. Generic products are made for everyone. When products are made for everyone, they are not made for you and your hair. This is why our team of Ayurvedic doctors researched for a simple regimen that can be Customised according to one's doshas and their elevated states.

As the products are Customised according to your hair and your body's, the products having an adverse effect on hair is rare. The products are meant to arrest the hair fall issue and help regrow your hair.

As the products are Customised for your particular hair type, the chances of the products having an adverse-effect is quite rare. Our products use 100% natural ingredients and hence further reduce the risk of any side-effects. However, some people can be allergic to natural products. If any irritation occurs, please discontinue use and get in touch with us.

The products take time to actually penetrate your follicles and start arresting your hair fall. If you stop using the products abruptly, no side effects will follow. However, hair growth will suffer.

Our products do not give instant results. They give results that last long. Your patience will be worth it. Just keep using the products as instructed and you will see results gradually.

Ideally, to get the maximum benefits from your products, use the products as instructed, that is, 3 times a week. Try your best to not miss out on the steps mentioned for your regimen. Do refer your instructions manual as and when needed.

Yes, pre-defined regimens are available on Amazon. But, for a much detailed level of customisation and regular follow-ups, its advised you buy from our official site www.vedix.com

Your inputs in the Vedix Dosha Assessment Questionnaire helps us define the elevated states of your doshas. We customize your regimen based on this information. Your Customised products have herbs that pacify your elevated doshas, helping arrest hair fall and boosting hair growth.

Once you take our verified Dosha Assessment Questionnaire, you will be able to understand what exactly your doshas are and their elevated states.

The questionnaire has been prepared and verified by certified Ayurvedic doctors, which adds to the accuracy of our questionnaire.

Vedix Dosha Assessment Questionnaire is accurate with regards to define a hair care solution for you according to your inputs. It is still suggested to consult a doctor in person for other health problems.

You can always start by taking Vedix Dosha Assessment Questionnaire and understand what is causing your hair to react the way it is. Our analysis will help you better understand your hair issues, elevated states of your doshas and the solution.

Step 1: Take the Vedix Dosha Assessment Questionnaire and know your elevated doshas.

Step 2: Order your Vedix Customised regimen.

Step 3: Get your products!

That's it!

Vedix 1 Month Test Plan: 1699/-. You receive 1 month worth of products (oil, shampoo & serum)

Vedix 3 Month Moderate Plan: 3398/-. You receive 3 months worth of products (oil, shampoo & serum) for the price of only 2

Vedix 5 Month Maximum Plan: 5097/-. You receive 5 months worth of products (oil, shampoo & serum) for the price of only 3

Your Customised regimen will have 3 products- Vedix Anti-Hair Fall Oil, Vedix Khoob Anti-Hair Fall Shampoo and Vedix Hair Regrowth Serum.

Once we assess your elevated doshas through Vedix Dosha Assessment Questionnaire, we customize the oil with specific herb ingredients that pacify your elevated doshas.

One can reach out to Vedix support team for queries at Email: support@vedix.com or Phone: (Toll Free) 1800-313-224466

Vedix believes in making the payment process hassle free for you. Hence, you will just have to pay once for your selected plan.