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Meet Your Daily Nutritional Requirements & Stay Energized Throughout The Day With Vedix Customised Ayurvedic Immunity Supplements

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Get 2X Better Immunity With Vedix Customised Immuno Boosters

Vedix’s unique formula ensures that you get the maximum amount of essential vitamins and nutrients.

Hot water, steaming and other such home remedies provide only temporary relief and do not help in strengthening the immune system. Vedix Immunity capsules are a natural source of nutrients and multivitamins that will help your body stay active through the day. Ayurvedic experts at Vedix have put together a formulation that is packed with multiple essential antioxidants, vitamins and nutrients.

Made with 15+ Phytoactives, Vedix Immunity Regimen helps you detox, and support everyday bodily functions. Vedix takes care of all your nutritional needs on a daily basis. Get started with your very own Vedix Immuno Regimen today!

Here’s What You Are Missing Out On

With a strong immune system, you can fight off common viruses, allergies, and more easily. We need a strong immunity now, more than ever. Vedix Immunity Supplements are made to strengthen your immune system and provide long-term and holistic solutions.

The FREE Immunity quiz helps our Ayurvedic Experts at Vedix analyse your body thoroughly in terms of Doshas and recommend a plan that suits you.

Vedix immunity Supplements are the product of hours of research and decades of experience. While there are brands out there that promise, power and energy, how do they know what your body needs? Vedix starts the process with you, and recommends a plan that is crafted for your body.

Vedix Immunity Supplements Vs Generic Immunity Supplements

    Vedix Immunity Supplements

  • Made With 15+ Phytoactives
  • Formulated & Used By Doctors
  • Natural Source Of Daily Multivitamin
  • Detox & Support Bodily Functions
  • Natural Anti-Allergen

    Generic Immunity Supplements

  • Generic Formulations
  • Added Flavours
  • Causes Side Effects
  • False Promises
  • Made With Harmful Chemicals

Users Love Vedix Customised Immunity Supplements. Hear It Yourself

Customised For You. Customised For Your Routine

Packed With Vitamins And Minerals

Ayurvedic Blend Made For Your Needs

Energised Days & Nights

Healthy Morning Routine

Before Bed Routine

Get The Vitamins & Minerals Your Body Needs Without Any Disturbance

Note: Avoid using the capsules during pregnancy & breastfeeding.

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Shubam | 26 Mar 2020

I feel so rejuvenated, thanks to Vedix!

Sita | 6 May 2020

My skin is glowing thanks to Vedix Skin Supplement!

Mohan | 12 Jan 2020

Vedix immunity supplements take care of all my nutritional needs

Gopi | 18 Jun 2020

Thanks to Vedix, I get my customised immunity supplements every month!

Farhan | 9 Feb 2020

Vedix is 100% natural without any side effects and I Love It!

Harshitha | 28 Aug 2020

My entire family trusts Vedix Immuno Boosters

Hari | 22 Apr 2020

Vedix Immunity supplements are perfect for everyone

Geeta | 10 Jul 2020

I highly recommend Vedix Immunity supplements