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What is Prakruti?

According to Ayurveda, Prakruti is the unique body constitution that each person is born with. This constitution is made up of 3 doshas - Vata, Pitta, and Kapha.




Your Prakruti is something that you are born with and it remains unchanged throughout your life.

However, the doshas that make up your Prakruti can get disturbed and go out of balance.

If one of these three doshas are disturbed in your body for reasons like improper lifestyle, diet, exposure to pollution, contaminated water, etc, your doshas can be disturbed and thus, become imbalanced. Once doshas are imbalanced, they create diseases in various areas of your body.

The balance of these 3 doshas in your body is vital to your overall health.

Balancing Your Doshas For Better Health

Ayurveda can help you balance your imbalanced doshas with the help of Prakruti examination. Benefits of balancing your imbalanced doshas include better physical and mental health, less stress, better emotional health, improved immunity and more.

The first step is to know your unique body constitution or prakruti - and the current state of your doshas!

The Vedix Prakruti Questionnaire has been carefully designed under the care of holistic Ayurvedic Practitioners with over 100 years of combined Ayurvedic clinical expertise.

This expertly designed questionnaire will help you uncover and understand your Prakruti with a short analysis of your body constitution and its impact on your health.


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