Myths vs Facts: You Have Been Misinformed About Ayurvedic Hair Care

With each passing day, we see an increase in trend for ayurvedic hair care products. We see about 1000 new Ayurvedic "hair growth" oils being launched, which promise to control hair fall and improve hair growth. This increase in trend is because of everyone choosing natural approaches for their daily hair care needs.

Ayurveda takes us all back to the time, where natural herbal extracts were used to treat hair issues. The benefits of ayurvedic hair care products and the disciplined practices of authentic ayurveda are infinite and this 5000-year-old science is finally getting the credit it deserves.

With so many people opting to choose Ayurveda over regular synthetic hair products, there is a sudden boost in the production for Ayurvedic cosmetics. From face masks, hair oils, serums, skin gels to body scrubs, soaps and more. Everyone wants to experience the benefits of nurturing themselves to an ayurvedic product or a treatment.

However, people seem to be misunderstanding or rather have been misinformed about Ayurveda and its practice. Now more than ever, people seem to have a completely different perspective of what Ayurveda originally is and what it is being portrayed as.

So, as someone who believes the authentic practice of Ayurveda, Vedix is here to help you understand and debunk a few myths about Ayurveda, its practice and few misconceptions in general.

 Myth: Ayurvedic treatment is basically a home remedy.

 Fact: No, this statement holds no concrete facts. Ayurveda is a 5000-year-old medicinal practice. It is a system of disciplines practiced, tested and verified long before modern medicine came into play. Many people believe this practice to be a home remedy because some of the medicinal ingredients are easily accessible at every Indian household. However, if the disease is too severe and the symptoms persist, you do need to consult an Ayurvedic doctor for a holistic treatment.

 Myth: Organic products are Ayurvedic products

 Fact: False. Although organic products use plant-based ingredients, that doesn’t make them Ayurvedic. Ayurveda fundamentally starts with analyzing one’s body constitution through Prakruti Pariksha. Based on the rogi’s (patient) Prakruti, Ayurveda advices some overall lifestyle and diet changes in addition to topical medicines or ingestibles.

Bonus Facts: Products that have herbal ingredients in them are herbal products. Products that have plant constituents in them are botanical products. Products that do not use any synthetics and use only natural ingredients are organic products.

 Myth: Ayurvedic products take a lot of time to show results

 Fact: This depends on the type of disease and its severity. For example, If someone is suffering from constipation, an Ayurvedic laxative will work overnight and will help you with free bowel movements the next morning. The time taken is same as an allopathic medicine. However, if you want hair growth and expect your hair to grow by 5 inches in just 2 weeks, not just Ayurveda, no medicine can help you achieve these results (unless your body has the natural ability to grow hair really quickly).

Reason? The natural mechanism of your body to produce and grow that amount of hair takes time. Which is why, results vary from person to person and you shouldn’t force your body’s natural mechanism.

 Myth: Ayurveda is too complicated to understand

 Fact: Not true. Ayurveda translates to “science of life”. Yes, it is a vast subject given how it treats all diseases from a holistic point of view. However, it’s not too complicated. For a person who has no idea about Ayurvedic medicine- Ayurveda is all about understanding your body and mind, and maintaining your well-being.

 Myth: Ayurveda Specializes In Hair Growth

 Fact: Not entirely true. A segment of Ayurveda, known as “Dhravya Guna”, meaning - ‘Nature or Behavior of Herbs’ is known to study the pharmacological effects of herbs. Through the years of observational study and experimentation, Ayurvedic practitioners have categorized a set of herbs, which are known for promoting better scalp health, hair growth promoting abilities, and nourishing effects.

Vedix follows the authentic practice of Ayurveda and follows the holistic approach to treat hair fall with Ayurvedic disciplines. We mean this truly because we analyze your Prakruti before we begin to treat your unique hair fall. We have studied and understood the role of herbs, their mechanisms and effects in controlling hair fall and promoting hair growth.

You too can get the benefits of a Customized Ayurvedic Hair Care Regimen with Vedix.

Vedix is a simple 2-step process to get an Ayurvedic hair care regimen customized according to your Prakruti

Step 1: We understand your unique hair problem, your problem doshas and your prakruti through our Vedix Dosha Assessment Questionnaire. All you need to do is tap away your answers in our Ayurvedic-doctor verified and approved Questionnaire.

Step 2: Once we understand your problem doshas, we give you a free hair analysis, your dosha profile, and recommend a hair care regimen, curated especially for your hair type, issue and problem doshas.