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Ayurveda is the science of life, and the oldest medical tradition in the world.

Unfortunately, almost all of the products that are sold in the supermarket shelves today misuse the word ayurveda to mean “safe.” These “100% natural” products have “no side effects.”  

But there’s a big problem.

The products don't do anything.

And we know you've tried at least 10 products like this before.

The Ayurveda Problem - And How Vedix Is Solving It.

The problem with ayurveda is that it means nothing without an examination of the patients.

Ask any ayurvedic doctor worth their salt and they’ll tell you - there is simply no way to treat a patient without first having a look at the patient, without getting their pulse, examining their symptoms and asking a detailed and thorough questionnaire about their ayurvedic body type - which has a HUGE impact on the cause and treatment of their problems.

Treating hair fall - the TRULY ayurvedic way

If one is not able to treat hair fall in the true ayurvedic sense by simply making any old formulation and calling it ayurveda for ayurveda’s sake, then what is the right way?

It’s simple.

The right way is to

  1. Know the symptoms of the patient
  2. Know as much as possible about the patient’s prakruti and constitution - vata, pitta and kapha, as well as their 7 dhatus
  3. Prescribe the ideal treatment for the patient, depending on the patient’s symptoms and ayurvedic body profile

And Vedix does exactly that for you!

Remember, without this information no ayurvedic practitioner can even prescribe a single remedy for so much as a cough.

But the products that you can buy by the dozens and dozens in all of the markets, shops and plazas…. Are made without this key piece of information.

And when the medicine is not the right one, it cannot have any effect, that's why no products work.

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The Answer? The Only Real Ayurvedic Hair Care Products Solution In The Market - Vedix!

Vedix customized ayurveda is perfect for you because:

  • Customization Helps Fights Hair Fall

    Vedix products focuses only on your hair concern. Unlike other hair products available in the market, Vedix customizes products based on your specific hair and body type after you fill out our questionnaire. This helps target the root cause and get the right results.

  • It Uses The Impurity-Free 3 Step Distillation Preparation Process

    Vedix customised products are 100% natural, thanks to the unique distillation process that gives the purest form of ingredients. Hence, every drop of Vedix is beneficial for fighting hair problems.

  • It Helps Get Rid Of Your Elevated Doshas

    The oil, shampoo and the serum help boost hair growth as they are packed with essential ayurvedic herbs that pacify your doshas and help you get rid of hair issues.

  • Vedix Is Hassle Free

    Vedix products are budget friendly as you can avail three products at the price of one. Vedix is hassle free as there are no intermediaries such as commissions, freight, warehouse charges, retail charges, etc involved.

  • It’s Recommended By Specialists

    Vedix Dosha Assessment Questionnaire is a five minute process curated by ayurvedic specialists with over 20 years of experience. The products have been tested and certified ‘safe’ by the Department of AYUSH  

  • It Nourishes Your Hair From Root

    The 42 handpicked ayurvedic herbs make sure your hair is nourished from the root level and thus boost hair growth.

  • It’s The Safest Ayurvedic Regimen

    Vedix customised hair products are made only from herbs and do not use any chemicals. The products are absolutely natural and free from Parabens, Sulfates and other harmful substances.

  • It’s Risk Free With 30 Days Money Back Guarantee

    If Vedix customised products don’t meet your expectations we will refund your money within 30 days of receiving your order. No questions asked.

  • It Has Flexible Plan Options

    Vedix offers flexible pricing plans that help you decide which one will be best suited for you. Free shipping is available for all the price plans.

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Vedix Uses Ultra-Modern Methods To Give You Pure & Precise Effective Solutions

The traditional method of oil preparation is simple: You take the active ingredients (herbs) and boil them in the base (oil) used to transfer the benefits of the herbs onto your scalp.

However, this method has 2 distinct problems that affect the efficacy of the oil, and thus the results of the oil:

  1. Many impurities are transferred from the soil into the herb and into the oil with this method. This includes heavy metals such as lead, mercury and other particulate pollutants. This can lead to more harm to your hair and scalp rather than good.
  1. The formulations themselves lack precision. That’s because the amount of active ingredient extracted from the herb differs, even though the volume of herb used might be the same. This means that the formulations may lack efficacy, and may change from batch to batch.

Vedix ensures the sanctity and purity of your products by adopting a unique and modern method of distillation of herbs.


Each herb that Vedix uses goes through a unique process of distillation. This ensures that only the useful and the nutrient-rich part of the herb is used in the oil.

Distilling the individual herb separately ensures that the final extract is free of toxins like lead & mercury and other unnecessary compounds.

Distillation is crucial for the effectiveness of the hair oil as:

  1. It helps give the most accurate and precise solutions for your hair fall issues
  2. It makes sure that only the purest form of the ingredient goes into your product.
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Vedix Is Formulated By Ayurvedic Experts With Over 25 Years Of Experience In Ayurvedic Hair Treatments!

Vedix Dr. Varsha Prabala, MD (Ayu)

Dr. Varsha Prabala has a seamless record of expert research & development in Ayurvedic formulations for skin and hair. She is an established and highly skilled Ayurvedic Practitioner with over 5 years of clinical practice. She conducted over 5000 hours of extensive trials, testing and proving the effectiveness of Vedix Customized Hair Care Regimen.

Vedix Dr. Sridevi Gaddam, B.A.M.S:

Dr. Sridevi Gaddam is an an award-winning Ayurvedic Practitioner with over 20 years of clinical expertise. She mastered the art of formulations and panchakarma from some of the most respected Gurus of Ayurveda in Kerala. She is the brains behind Vedix, as well as the lead formulator.

Vedix Dr. G Sridevi receiving another accolade for her contributions to Ayurvedic practice.
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