Get Thicker, Longer and Healthy Hair With Vedix Customised Ayurveda

Get Thicker, Longer and Healthy Hair With Vedix Customised Ayurveda

3 Product Solution Trusted By 10,00,000+ Indians

  • Helps arrest hair fall by strengthening hair roots
  • Rejuvenates hair follicles and promotes healthy hair growth
  • Nourishes the scalp to improve shine, softness & color


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Customised Ayurvedic Solutions

Want To Solve Your Hair Fall Issues?

Hair fall is one of the most commonly occurring hair issues these days. There are various factors like pollution, unhealthy diet & lifestyle habits, bad water quality, etc which contribute to damaging the hair and leading to hair fall.

Try Vedix Customised Ayurveda

Your customised Vedix products are rich in over 40 natural herbs like Bhringraj, Aloe Vera, Amla, Onion, etc which help provide holistic care to your hair. The diverse actions of herbs in a specially designed formula ensures that the root cause of your hair issues are taken care of and your hair gets healthier everyday!


Discover Ayurvedic Goodness In Your Vedix Box

1. Vedix Customised Anti-Hair Fall Oil

Your Vedix Anti-Hair Fall Oil:

  • Is Customised with specific herbs chosen to alleviate your elevated Doshas.
  • Immediately lubricates the hair follicles and scalp bed
  • Moisturizes the hair strands and the scalp, and penetrates deep into the hair follicle to start working

2. Vedix Hair Growth Serum

Your Vedix Hair Regrowth Serum

  • Penetrates into your scalp bed and expands the hair follicles, promoting hair growth
  • Is quick absorbing and non-greasy
  • Keeps hair bouncy and healthy

3. Vedix Anti-Hair Fall Shampoo

Your custom Vedix Anti-Hair Fall Shampoo:

  • Cleanses your hair and scalp of dirt, pollution, grime, bacteria and excess oils
  • Is free of all harmful ingredients like sulfates and parabens
  • Maintains your scalp’s pH balance, thus protecting hair and it’s roots

Note: Every product in Vedix’s Regimen is completely free of toxins, parabens, SLES and harmful chemicals.

Know Your Hair

[FREE] Get Vedix Saha Hair Growth Booster Oil Worth Rs.299/-

The booster oil with 75% Bhringraj & 25% Sesame ensures concentrated action on your scalp & roots for healthier, stronger hair growth.

The booster oil also reverses hair damage and has anti-ageing herbs for hair.


What The Booster Oil Will Do For Your Hair:

  • Reinforces hair growth
  • Follicle simulation & root strengthening
  • Long & thick hair

Get your limited edition booster oil today!

Know Your Hair

Real Stories. Real People. Real Results

User picture

Swarna Saste



For amazing products and survice

Before 6th month ago i have so much hair fall and hair breaks issue because of scooty ride. But when i got vedix its very easy to going out for scooty ride. Its amazing product my all frizziness gone and my hair so smooth and stronger

Snigdha Biswas




Vedix is a amezing product. It's make my hair stronger and dandruff free. I'm suffering from hair fall around 2 years and I'm so scared when I saw my hair fall but one day I can hear about vedix and got a amezing product for my hair . Now my hair is much better . 🤩🤩🤩🤩

I just love this product..❤️❤️❤️

User picture

Arunima Arunima



Amazing results for hairfall

Postpartum, I was facing severe hair loss. My hair fall has decreased significantly after just three washes. I have regained my hair lustre. It works really well.

Sujdha fazal



Reduce hair fall

I had hair fall issue now its almost 1 month i used vedix shampoo, oil and serum my hair fall reduce. Lovely product.

User picture




Super 👌 Very nice products

Really Very good products after using dat one 👌 in day only I came to know how it's work's I hearttly thankful to you.

Nikita Deshpande



Best solution for your Hair

I am using vedic custmized hair products from last 2 weeks it's realy helpfull my bigest concern was dandruff.. And I am happy to share that my dandruff is almost gone after using hair serum and shampoo... Hair serum is not at all oily or heavy.. Love vedix

Anu Masih



Best product

vedix is natural ayurvedic product, Which really helps to grow my hair healthier and faster. It's been 3 months now, I am using Vedix. Best Product

Know Your Hair

Got Questions?

Ayurveda in its original, pure, and effective form begins with YOU. Vedix aims to do the same with our customised regimen. Your scalp and hair type are unique to only you. Generic products are made for everyone. When products are made for everyone, they are not made for you and your hair. This is why our team of Ayurvedic doctors researched for a simple regimen that can be customised according to one's doshas and their elevated states.

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