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I am really happy with the Customised pack provided by Vedix. There is difference in my hair fall problem. I really like the serum as it makes my hair frizz free. After using Vedix products my hair have become soft and there is shine too.

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(Results may vary from person to person.)

It has been more than 2months since I started using these products... And it’s giving amazing results. I must say that it's an ultimate solution for all hair concerns .. and I'm never going behind any other hair products here after. Also, I recommend this to all my fellow women out there as a solution for all your hair concerns.

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(Results may vary from person to person.)

My hair feels super strong and beautiful also my hair growth increased after using vedix products.. I am so happy with the results... Vedix does a super appreciable work. .thank you so much to the Vedix family.

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(Results may vary from person to person.)

By using the vedix products continuously I found my scalp is much better than before and regrowth has also started. I feel much more confident now with my hair. I’m using the products as per the instructions given and they work really well. Thanks Vedix! Would like to use more of it in the coming months.

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(Results may vary from person to person.)
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Unlike generic anti-hairfall and hair growth formulations, Vedix begins with you. Vedix is India’s first & only Customised ayurvedic hair care regimen.

At Vedix, we strongly believe in taking ayurveda back to its original roots. Thus, every product begins with a thorough examination of your body and its humors.

Our expertly designed Vedix Questionnaire helps pinpoint your problem areas, letting us pick just the right herbs and ingredients for your problem.

By tackling the distressed doshas behind the symptoms of your hair problems, Vedix addresses the root cause of your hair issues.

We at Vedix understand that a single generic product cannot be the answer to all your hair concerns. The ideal approach is not generic. It is all about customization.

So, we take into consideration your specific concerns and distressed doshas to formulate a hair care regimen meant just for you!

We recently found ourselves on Soha Ali Khan, & Swara Bhaskar & Neha Dhupia’s Instagram story. These bollywood stars showcased their Customised Vedix Hair Regimen box!

Thousands Of
Happy Users

Over 15,00,000 Indians use and trust Vedix everyday to help them realise their hair goals. You too can be one among them by just taking our Vedix questionnaire and getting your ideal set of hair care products.

Authentic Ayurvedic Approach

Vedix found its roots in the 5000-year-old science of Ayurveda. The ancient concepts although age-old, are still accurate and, in some events, even more accurate and efficient with simplified solutions & unique formulation of herbs.

It’s Made
For You

Every single time you use Vedix, you can be assured that it is made just for you and your hair issues. Every ingredient used in your product, is picked to suit your scalp and meet your specific hair needs.

3 Step Regimen

Vedix’s Customised hair growth regimen brings you 3 hair care products. These products ensure that the good done by one product remains and is not destroyed by you using any other chemical based products.

Why Vedix works
Why Vedix works

Why Vedix

Vedix sends you products which are Customised according to your body profile and your hair concerns. This makes sure that the products you get are meant just for you and no one else!

We analyse all the inputs you provide us through the questionnaire and then formulate the products with the right ingredients needed by your hair and scalp.

Vedix uses over 38 Essential Herbs of Ayurveda and 12 Essential Oils, which help control and arrest the hair issue and nourish the hair from roots to tips. The herb combinations enhance the efficacy of the product, helping you achieve healthier hair faster.

How It

Vedix takes care of all your hair concerns in just 2 simple steps.


It’s easy to understand the elevated doshas that are causing your hair fall with our breakthrough, ayurvedic doctor approved, Vedix Dosha Assessment Questionnaire.


Vedix uses different combinations of 36 Dosha Pacifying herbs, Tridosha Hara Herbs and Keshya Dravyas and 13 essential oils to pacify your elevated doshas, and to meet your hair’s unique requirements.

Here, the root cause is elevated doshas and determining this accurately becomes easy with Vedix’s Dosha Assessment Questionnaire. Just tap away your inputs and we will curate your Customised ayurvedic hair growth regimen.

  • Exclude the use of generic formulations and their disappointing results, Vedix curated a complete regimen that fulfills all of your hair needs.
  • Your Customised hair growth regimen will include dosha-specific herbs, which can specifically pacify the elevated doshas.
  • In addition, Vedix uses a total of 36 ayurvedic herbs, 13 essential oils and a natural carrier oil, which have been specifically chosen by our team of Ayurvedic doctors according to the verified textbook scripts of Ayurveda.
  • The herbal extracts are quick absorbent in nature so as to treat the issue from within and not just externally.
Vedix  Customised  Anti-Hair Fall Oil

Vedix Khoob
Anti-Hair Fall Oil

Vedix  Customised  Anti-Hair Fall Oil
  • Quick absorbing with 14 beneficial herbs
  • Stimulates and boots hair growth
  • Balances the elevated doshas
  • Moisturizes hair strands and scalp
  • Deep penetrating formula

Vedix Khoob
Hair Growth

Vedix Hair Growth Serum
  • Expands the hair follicles, promoting hair growth
  • Is quick absorbing and non-greasy
  • Helps maintain the scalp's pH balance
  • Brings lustre and shine to the hair
  • Keeps hair bouncy and healthy
Vedix Hair Growth Serum
Vedix Anti-Hair Fall Shampoo

Vedix Khoob
Anti-Hair Fall

Vedix Anti-Hair Fall Shampoo
  • Cleanses dirt, pollution, grime, bacteria and excess oils
  • Is free of harmful ingredients like sulfates and parabens
  • Is a natural coconut-surfactant shampoo
  • Is completely free of synthetic soaps
  • Is gentle and does not strip away other product’s benefits
Premium Quality Guaranteed
Premium Quality Guaranteed


All Vedix products are certified by the ministry of AYUSH. They are manufactured and packaged with rigorous quality procedures and methods. We take the satisfaction of our customers very seriously and make sure that all the products you get are of the highest quality.

Each herb that Vedix uses goes through a unique process of distillation. This ensures that only the useful and the nutrient-rich part of the herb is used in the oil. Distilling the individual herb separately ensures that the final extract is free of toxins and other unnecessary compounds.  This makes sure that our formulations are precise and effective.

30‐Day Money Back

30 Day Money back guarantee

We at Vedix know that our Customised hair care regimen is the safest, simplest and fastest way to stopping your hair fall and getting real hair growth - the Ayurvedic way.

If however, for any reason, your Customised products don't meet your expectations, we will, within 30 days of receiving your order, give you 100% of your money back.

No Questions Asked.

All you have to do is:

  1. Take the Vedix Ayurvedic Questionnaire
  2. Get your ideal Ayurvedic hair products risk free!

So what are you waiting for? Try Vedix Risk Free Today!

30 Day Money back guarantee
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