Know What’s Right For Your Hair & Get A Customised Hair Care Regimen

vedix Get a customised oil, serum & shampoo at a cost less than a bottle of any fancy Ayurvedic hair oil.

So, what makes you happy?

Great looking hair with loads of chemicals?

Or one that’s really healthy and beautiful, right from the roots?

If you really want healthy, strong and beautiful hair…

You should keep on reading..

And please take this seriously.

Not because it’s doctor approved, not because it’s a holistic 3-step hair care solution, or ‘cause its natural, safe and effective Ayurveda… 

And surely not for the 30-day money back guarantee, but ONLY because it is customised for you, it’s made specifically for your hair. 

Like your favourite dress, the one that’s tailor-made for the perfect fit…

It suits you, it feels so right, because it’s just for you. 

But hey, don’t read this because 2,00,000 women users say it’s wonderful, read it… just to understand how your hair works and what it really needs. That’s all. Just one step in the right direction, and it’s just a click away!

TAKE THE VEDIX HAIR QUESTIONNAIRE! (It’s completely free and more importantly, helps in understanding your hair.)

But this is no magic wand, you must know that one will have to make some changes… to have great hair for the rest of your life.

 A good decision that will take some time to adapt, to undo the decades of unconscious chemical damage on the scalp and hair, but once they start showing results, the whole world will notice!

So how can one have hair that’s great and completely natural?

  1. STEP 1: Take The Questionnaire

    Well, the first step on that deeply satisfying and rewarding path to healthy hair is to actually know what your hair needs….

    The FREE Vedix Hair Analysis does exactly that. It asks you questions about your hair, lifestyle, diet and more; then analyzes it and specifically tells you what your hair needs (via a super hi-tech Ayurvedic dosha calculator that’s designed by award-winning doctors).


Hurray!! Once you take it, You will get a detailed Ayurvedic Hair Analysis. Like how you exactly know your dress measurements or your eyesight power or your BMI or what kind of food suits you and is good for you…

  1. STEP 2: Get Your Hair Analysis

    With the Vedix Hair Analysis, you will know what your hair needs, and what is causing an issue (thanks to pollution, bad water quality, diet and many other side-effects of modern living).

    The doctor-designed analysis will suggest a customised hair oil, a serum and a shampoo that’s been formulated for your needs specifically. 

  1. STEP 3: Get Your Set Of 3 Customised Hair Care Products

    You will be given a set of three products designed to deal with your underlying hair issues. And it’s a pack of 3:

Khoob Anti-Hairfall Oil: Repairs, conditions and rejuvenates your hair natural, using 38 Ayurvedic herbs and 12 essential oil of the highest quality.

Khoob Hair Growth Serum: A breakthrough hair care product loaded with hair nourishing and scalp/roots rejuvenating herbs that aids in hair growth. 

Khoob Hair Shampoo: A 100% sulphate free shampoo that’s naturally cleanses your hair and scalp without leaving chemical residues like generic products.

And you’re good to go! You can get these home delivered, every month and they will be customised based on your needs, location, change in seasons and as your hair improves through our unique VEDIX Hair Follow-Up that is reviewed by expert Ayurvedic doctors.

So, how much do you think all this would cost?...

A Monthly Pack Of 3 Vedix Products(Oil, Serum & Shampoo) Costs Less Than One Bottle Of Any Fancy/Luxury Branded Ayurvedic Hair Oil…

After years in the field of Ayurveda and after 7000+ hours of research and development, we came to a solution that is higher in quality, better and modern in the manufacturing process and still costs less than one single bottle of any luxury hair oil. So what made that possible?

  1. We directly sell online - so we don’t need to pay high distribution costs and hefty commissions to the marketers, distributors or retailers.

  2. We source and formulate our products, so the finest of herbs are handpicked by quality experts, directly from producers. That means more efficient input costs for us - yet better quality ingredients for you.

  3. Word of mouth reviews and referrals have been so good that a major part of the 2,00,000 happy Vedix users came to us by themselves. So our marketing costs are very nominal.

Read on, to actually see what the users think about the product… and do not forget to take the FREE Hair Analysis - it costs nothing, and you get to know more about your hair!

TAKE THE VEDIX HAIR QUESTIONNAIRE! (Choose from the 1, 3 or 6 months plan and cancel anytime)

These Celebs Are Just A Few Among The 2,00,000+ Happy Vedix Users

We recently found ourselves on the Instagram Stories of Soha Ali Khan, Swara Bhaskar Neha Dhupia & Miss Malini . These bollywood stars showcased their customized Vedix box!

vedix vedix

"I get 3 customised Ayurvedic products at a cheaper price than generic chemical loaded products! It’s total value for money!"

Amira Singh

"Customised products at such low prices and billed monthly too. No advance payments and hassle free deliveries. Best buying experience."

Rehmata B

"Was sceptical as it was a new brand but since I could cancel anytime I gave it a try. I’m glad I took this decision!"

Lavya K


Media Loves Vedix Too!


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