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Understanding Elevated Doshas For Improved Skin Health

01 What Causes Skin Concerns?

According to Ayurveda, imbalance in Doshas can lead to skin concerns such as acne, dryness, dark spots, etc. Dosha imbalance can be caused by many internal and external factors such as, pollution, dust, stress, imbalanced diet and more. Vedix customised skincare regimen is formulated with Ayurveda-approved potent natural ingredients that improve the health of your skin.

02 What Influence Does Each Dosha Have On Your Skin?

Vata Skin - Combination of elements like air and space, a Vata skin type generally tends to be dry with thin epidermis.

Pitta Skin - This skin type is based on the element of fire and is very sensitive to the external environment. This sensitivity makes the skin prone to acne.

Kapha Skin - Predominantly having the characteristics of elements like earth and water, this skin exhibits high amounts of sweat, sebum, and grease.

03 How Can Elevated Doshas Be Balanced?

Vedix Customised Ayurvedic Skin Care Regimen balances elevated Doshas by using herbs and natural formulations. The three step combination protects your skin from everyday damage; the cleanser gently gets rid of the oil and dirt, the moisturiser nourishes the skin and the serum helps improve overall skin health.


Recommended Use

At night cleanse your face and spot apply the serum on acne and comedones.

Apply moisturizer approximately after 20-30 minutes.

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Damini | 17 December 2023

Vedix is nice product results are good. Nice serum

Hiran | 19 October 2023

Totally worth it! I'm very happy with all Vedix products! I've recommended my relatives and friends as well!

Krishnapriya | 21 November 2023

Great product. Gives result in few weeks! amazing

Shriya | 23 November 2023

Works well to protect skin from sun tan. It also helped lighten my skin tone! Great product vedix!

Madhavi | 25 September 2023

I luve this prodct

Tejasvi | 27 August 2023

My skintone has become so even now! Must try for everyone

Vaibhavi | 27 July 2023

Good one..

Ananya Tripathi | 13 October 2023

Omg this is one of the best face serums for people with dark patches or skint an! It works so well for mee!

Anjali Balan | 02 July 2023


Ashwini Gupta | 03 June 2023

My skin tone is so bright and even now! Thanks vedix!