This is Dr. Zeel Gandhi, Expert Ayurvedic Formulator at Vedix. Thank you for completing the Vedix Hair Profile Quiz. I’ll be taking you through your Ayurvedic hair analysis.

As hair fall is the issue you would like to tackle first, our Ayurvedic experts recommend a 3 step regimen of Oil, Shampoo & Serum to control hair fall and help rejuvenate your roots for healthy hair growth.

's Current Hair Profile

Hair Type

Scalp Type

Hair Concern

  • Pacifies Your Disturbed Doshas With Herbal Extracts
  • Promotes Hair Growth
  • Lubricates Your Hair And Nourishes Your Scalp
  • Stimulates Your Hair Follicles To Promote Hair Growth
  • Strengthens Hair Roots And Arrests Your Hair Fall
  • Repairs Your Damaged Roots With Herb Extracts
  • Gently Cleanses Your Scalp
  • Removes Dirt, Grime, Pollution And Toxins From Your Scalp
  • Free From SLES And Parabens

's Customised Ayurvedic Anti-Hairfall & Hair Growth Regimen

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One box of Vedix containing oil, serum & shampoo is worth Rs.2697 (MRP)

Save 44%On 3 Months Plan
₹1499 / month

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One box of Vedix containing oil, serum & shampoo is worth Rs.2697 (MRP)

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₹1699 / month

Get Extra 10% Off On Prepaid Orders

Cancel or upgrade anytime!

One box of Vedix containing oil, serum & shampoo is worth Rs.2697 (MRP)

Poly Herbalism - The Secret Behind Vedix’s High Efficacy And Guaranteed Results!

Ayurveda believes strongly in the concept of Poly Herbalism. It ensures that your hair issues are dealt with comprehensively, treating their root cause.

Your customised Vedix products are rich in over 40 natural herbs which help provide holistic care to your hair. Be it hair fall, dandruff, split ends, oily hair or anything else, your unique formulations help solve it all!

"Vedix uses a group of herbs as opposed to one single herb so as to create the perfect formulation for your hair with no side effects" says Dr. Zeel Gandhi.

Various herbs are combined in a perfect ratio to meet your specific hair concerns. This combination brings about greater efficacy and gives you benefits which are not accessible from single herb formulations. 

The diverse actions of herbs in a specially designed formula ensures that the root cause of your hair issues are taken care of and your hair gets healthier everyday!


Dr.Zeel Gandhi
Expert Ayurvedic Formulator

  • "I Didn’t Trust Vedix… But After 5 Years Of Trying Every Product, Diet And Procedure For Hair Loss, Vedix Is The Only Thing That Saved My Hair!"

    "I came across Vedix while browsing one day, and even though I had never heard of them, I answered the questions and ordered my products out of desperation. It was a last hope attempt"

    Saw my hairfall reduce day after day, and almost stopped after 3 weeks

    "I couldn’t believe that my hairfall was stopping! But even while brushing my hair, I definitely noticed fewer and fewer strands stuck in my brush. I was so happy, I ordered 3 more bottles of Vedix!"

    Saw new baby hairs for the first time after 3 months

    "It was when one of my friend’s clicked a picture of mine that I spotted some baby hairs on my scalp. I had never been happier before! It completely stopped my hair fall & gave me hair growth too! Will recommend it to anyone who is tired with their hairfall & wants a sure shot solution"

  • "I Used Many Products For My Hair But None Of Them Gave Any Results. This Is The Last Product I Thought Of Trying"

    "I had been facing severe hair fall for the past 6 months and despite constant efforts and using different hair products, nothing seemed to work. I was literally losing hope and thought that I'll have to cut my hair now!"

    I really thought Vedix would also fail and just increase my hair fall

    "When I came across Vedix, I was really unsure about it. I had never heard of it before and due to my past experiences, I really thought it would fail too. But after seeing the positive reviews and out of desperation I thought of giving it a try."

    I saw an improvement in my hair within the first two weeks itself!

    "I was really surprised to see that something was finally working on my hair. All the three products worked really well and I saw a reduction in my hair fall within the first few uses itself! It was the best decision I took and I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for the right hair care!"

  • "I Was Fully Convinced That There Was No Hope For My Hair Problem"

    "I had used so many products and homemade tricks over the years to solve my hair fall problem but it resulted in nothing but hopelessness. So when I came across Vedix, my instant reaction was NO, not again. But I was proved wrong by Vedix and I am glad about it."

    I was very doubtful about Vedix

    "So Vedix happened when I was browsing and I was initially not convinced by their claim that they make customised hair products. The concept seemed very new and I was scared of losing more hair if I tried it."

    But something inside me told me to go for it and I am so happy I listened to that inner voice. I took their questionnaire and got products customised just for me.

    Hair fall reduced by 40% in the first few weeks!

    "After a few weeks of application I could see less hair on my pillow and comb. I could not believe my eyes. It was such a relief that I finally found the right brand that is serious in fighting hair fall concern. Will I use it again? Of course I would. In fact I just ordered my third box. I recommend Vedix to all my family and friends. There is no turning back from here. Thank you Vedix!"


Vedix is available in 3 pricing options. The options are:

1 Month Test Plan- Rs. 1699/-. You receive 1 month worth of products (oil, shampoo & serum). 

3 Month Plan- Rs. 1499/- per month. You receive 1 box a month, for 3 months.

6 Month Plan- Rs. 999/- per month. You receive 1 box a month, for 6 months.

We know Vedix Customised products are the safest, simplest and fastest way to get beautiful, long and strong hair! However, we also know that your hard earned money is valuable to you.

Your satisfaction is our utmost priority. That's why, if our products don’t meet your expectations, Vedix’s Long Hair Guarantee ensures that you get 100% of your money back. No Questions Asked!

You can order your products with these simple steps:

  • Start by clicking on the “View Plans” button anywhere on this page
  • Choose the right plan for you - 1 month test plan, 3 month moderate plan or our 6 month maintenance plan
  • Add your address information
  • Choose how you want to pay - You can choose cash on delivery if you prefer
  • Place your order!

Your products will be home-delivered. You will receive one box of 3 products every month for the duration of the plan - 1, 3 or 6 months.

Dr.Zeel Gandhi (Expert Ayurvedic Formulator) of Vedix shares some of the results you’ll begin to see once you start using Vedix regularly.

  • 7 Days - Visible reduction in hair fall while combing or taking a shower
  • 15 Days - Dull hair becomes upto 3X more shinier
  • 20 Days - Decrease in split ends
  • 30 Days - Tiny new hairs begin to sprout on the scalp

To achieve the utmost benefits from the products, it is important to use them as instructed. Following healthy hair habits and avoiding straightening or curling is a must.

Depending on your area pincode, the product will be delivered maximum within 3-5 working days, or sooner.

Vedix ships free of cost all across india, with the exception of very few areas. Please checkout and add your address to confirm.

Vedix understands the root cause of your hair problems and suggests customised products made specifically for your hair. Our products do not give instant results. They give results that last long. Your patience will be worth it. Just keep using the products as instructed and you will surely see positive results gradually.

Ensuring your diet includes a lot of fruits and vegetables, as well as superfoods such as walnuts, eggs, spinach etc. can do wonders for your hair and boost hair growth naturally.

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