Key Ingredients


Reduces pigmentation and sun damage


Helps retain hydration within the skin


Improves elasticity and texture of the skin

Here’s What Our Customers Say About Us

Kriti, 35 yrs

“This oil has become a part of my daily ritual.I like the glow in my skin these days. I have a combination skin and this is working wonders on me.”

Asma, 27yrs

“Since I started using this, I can see the glow evidently on my face”

Chitrani, 33 yrs

“This face oil is pure love.. you will get an instant glow and with proper use skin becomes soft, glowing and it also helped me to get rid of dark spots.”

Denice 47 yrs

“First time I ordered a face & I’m not disappointed……definitely won’t be the last time! I am amazed by the great results!”

Mayuri 21yrs

“Loved the oil.I have dry skin so it kept my skin really hydrated & I noticed old acne spots fading slowly. Would highly recommend it.”

Namrat, 22 yrs

“Its so good! I am using it every day, once a night and I love it . Really gives a glow.”

Hurmat, 29yrs

“Quick easy glow boost , love applying it before an event for a quick natural glow.”