Key Ingredients

Godhuma (Wheat germ oil) prevents hair damage and cuticle lifting.
Jojoba balances the moisture and conditions the hair.
Tocopherol stimulates hair growth, prevents breakage and split ends.

Here’s What Our Customers Say About Us

Ruchi | 28 years

I have never been more confident with my hair; it is smooth and healthy. It feels great!

Alekhya | 31 years

I really love the hair mist; non-greasy, long-lasting shine and a really nice fragrance to my hair.

Vibhavi | 26 years

My best solution for my dry and tangled hair. I love the way my hair behaves after the mist.

Gem George | 31 years

This product does not dry out or damage my hair. Vedix hair mist keeps my hair shiny and boosts my confidence.

Nidhi | 29 years

I love how soft and shiny my hair feels. And, this definitely helped me with my frizzy hair!!

Yasha | 30 years

The hair mist definitely exceeded my expectations! My hair feels amazing and is super soft and just the right shine. Perfect for my everyday hair!

Margaret | 27 years

Love the texture & shine - it’s really nice to have smooth and shiny hair through the day.

Shahnaaz | 32 years

I’m quite impressed with the Vedix hair mist. The volume of hair has improved, and the shine lasts long -almost through the day.

Vandana | 31 Years

Just my favourite! Makes my hair feel soft and definitely untangled.