Key Ingredients

Fenugreek helps eliminate hair loss and hair damage.
Onion facilitates keratin formation and hair growth.
Curry Leaves assist in scalp restoration and strengthen the hair follicles.

Here’s What Our Customers Say About Us

Rushika | 29 years

Vedix Onion Fenugreek mask has been saving my hair lately. It's super nourishing, hydrating properties keep my hair strong, prevent hair fall and damaged hair.

Vidya | 31 years

I included the Vedix Onion + Fenugreek Root Strengthening Hair Pack into my routine recently and am really happy with the way it works to leave my hair stronger, shinier and silkier.

Minal Verma | 28 years

After using so many hair products, I can finally say I found the best mask for my hair! It makes my hair really soft. It is the perfect balance of protein and moisture.

Momina | 30 years

This hair mask is a blessing for my hair. I love the way my hair feels very soft and bouncy and well moisturized. Also, it lasts quite long.

Huma | 24 years

I have used it just a few times on my hair and amazed to see the results that I get from this hair mask. It enhanced the quality of my hair and left my scalp and hair smooth, nourished, and shiny.

Shivali | 35 years

A must try, it’s a chemical free product and definitely exceeds exceptions. My hair loss has reduced, and I see improved hair volume.

Jasmine Saha | 32 years

Finally, here is something that made my hair soft, shiny, silky & No more hair fall too.

Trishna | 31 years

Loved the product. It made my hair fall go away, my hair definitely feels stronger. It gives a luxurious feel to my hair. I definitely recommend it