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Krishna Tila

Here’s What Our Customers Say About Us

Mohammed Khadir | 05/15/2021

Great product. I see new hair growing from my scalp. Dandruff and itching has also reduced

Roshan | 05/15/2021

It starts reducing dandruff, white flakes, hair fall and regrowth of some new hairs, so I think it would be a perfect hair care product.

Ankur Sharma | 05/15/2021

Within a week I can see the changes

Maheen | 07/15/2021

Super happy with the results. Thank you vedix and the whole vedix team.

Pradeep | 07/15/2021

All in one product. Soothes itchy scalp so well

Santhosh Kumar | 08/15/2021

Hair became thick.. Very soothing on the scalp especially when you have severe dandruff

Pruthvi | 08/15/2021

I was having severe dandruff and hairfall. After switching to this serum it helped me a lot.. Good product

Krishna Kumar | 08/15/2021

My dandruff has reduced. High volume. It feels so soft.

Akhil Reddy | 08/15/2021

If you are looking for a product that reduces dandruff and hairfall then go for it. Its the best.

Akshay | 11/15/2021

This product is just amazing