Key Ingredients


Moisturises the scalp


Hydrates the scalp and hair

Cocoa Butter

Smoothens the hair texture

Here’s What Our Customers Say About Us

Sharu, 25

“This conditioner completes my hair care regimen. Hair feels very soft & shiny after using it.”

Pranati, 30

“I love how good the conditioner smells and how my hair feels after using it. Super product!”

Reshu, 29

“Soft, silky & shiny - that’s how my hair feels after using this conditioner regularly. Definitely recommend it!”

Tripti, 35

“Such a natural conditioner and it feels so good on hair. Has zero chemicals and doesn’t damage my hair.”

Charu, 32

“I love all Vedix products but this conditioner is my favorite! It makes my hair tangle & frizz free for at least 3 days!”

Kruthika, 28

“A natural conditioner is the best gift I could give to my frizzy hair, thanks to Vedix for creating such safe products!”

Maira, 31

“It took only a few usages to bring back the lost moisture on my sensitive scalp, indeed a great product from Vedix.”