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Did you know that the wonder plant you commonly use to decorate your interiors, has myriad benefits for your hair and skin too? Besides its healing properties, aloe vera offers several beauty-boosting properties for your hair.

As per Ayurveda, aloe vera helps to hydrate and strengthen your scalp and hair. It deeply nourishes your hair and helps you manage a wide range of scalp and hair problems. It is well suited for all hair types.

In this article, we talk about the different benefits of aloe vera for your hair and the ways to use it.

Let’s begin.

What Does Aloe Vera Do For Your Hair As Per Ayurveda?

The science of Ayurveda revolves around three vital biological energies - Vata, Pitta, and Kapha doshas. Ayurveda believes that every living being is the manifestation of these three doshas and it is essential for them to be in a balanced state for a smooth functioning of your body, mind, and soul. Aggravated or imbalanced dosha can result in different ailments in your body. This might include hair related problems too.

People may have one or more doshas in an aggravated state, which results in specific hair problems as below:

A. Imbalanced Vata dosha causes dehydration in your scalp tissues. This results in dry scalp and hair, frizziness, hair breakage, itchiness, dry dandruff, hair fall, etc.

B. Imbalanced Pitta dosha causes overheat in your scalp tissues, leading to scalp irritation and pain, inflammation, dandruff, premature greying, weakening of hair roots, scalp greasiness, hair fall, etc.

C. Imbalanced Kapha dosha triggers excessive sebum and oil production on your scalp. This leads to greasy dandruff, microbial infections, itchiness, hair fall, etc.

“Eventually, the elevated doshas on your scalp may lead to miniaturization of your hair follicles, resulting in hair loss,” says Dr. Zeel Gandhi, our Chief Ayurvedic Doctor at Vedix.

Aloe vera, known as ‘Kumari’ in Ayurveda is a tridosha hara herb. It has a high potential to restore balance among all the three doshas. It can be an effective at-home solution to your chronic hair problems when combined with the right ingredients.

Ancient Egyptians regarded aloe vera as ‘the plant of immortality’. Aloe vera was widely used as an essential ingredient in regular beauty regimens of renowned Egyptian queens Cleopatra and Nefertiti [1].

Can We Apply Aloe Vera Directly On Hair?

Yes. Aloe vera penetrates into your scalp and hair tissues directly, if applied topically. This imparts enhanced conditioning and nourishment to your hair.

You may find several aloe vera gel products available in the market. However, it is best to use the raw juice, freshly extracted from the plant.

What Are The Benefits Of Aloe Vera On Hair?

1. Rejuvenates Dry Scalp And Hair

Aloe vera has a high water content which makes it a great humectant for your scalp and hair. It provides essential nutrients to your hair follicles that makes your hair grow healthy and prevents your scalp and hair tissues from drying out.

2. Relieves Dandruff And Itchy Scalp

Aloe vera is an effective natural hair cleanser that helps you remove dead skin cells, excessive sebum, dirt, and product build-ups from your scalp and hair. This helps you to fight off dandruff while keeping your scalp clean. Also, the anti-pruritic properties and proteolytic enzymes of aloe vera relieves you from itchy scalp conditions.

3. Adds Soft Texture By Reducing Frizziness

Aloe vera acts as a deep conditioning agent that can soften your dry and frizzy hair. It locks your opened-up hair cuticles and helps in retaining the natural oils in your scalp, giving your hair a soft and smooth texture.

woman with black long hair

4. Eliminates Microbial Infections

Aloe vera is also known for its anti-fungal, antiseptic, and antibacterial properties [2]. It promotes the health of your scalp and hair by fighting off scalp infections and dandruff. It also helps to calm itchiness and irritation in your scalp, caused by infections.

5. Curbs Hair Fall By Strengthening Hair Roots

Aloe vera is rich in vitamins C, E, B-12, choline, and folic acid. These compounds strengthen your weak hair follicles by providing deep nourishment. Thus, aloe vera prevents hair shedding from weaker roots and also controls your hair breakage.

6. Stimulate Healthy Hair Growth

Aloe vera improves the blood circulation to your hair follicles when it is applied to your scalp. Thus, it helps your follicles receive essential vitamins, minerals, and oxygen from your blood, which contribute to healthy hair growth. Also, it is power-packed with minerals such as zinc, copper along with proteolytic enzymes. They aid you in stimulating the dormant cells in your follicles and promote faster hair regrowth.

7. Imparts Shine To Your Manes

Aloe vera has active amino acids which can turn your lifeless hair into shiny hair. These amino acids also help in repairing your damaged hair strands, thus, promoting thicker and voluminous hair growth.

8. Reduces Scalp Inflammation

Aloe vera contains fatty acids with rich anti-inflammatory properties [3]. This helps in soothing your scalp irritation, bruises, and redness while repairing your damaged scalp tissues.

9. Protects Your Scalp And Hair From Sun Damage

Along with high collagen content, aloe vera has natural cooling properties too. This helps to keep your scalp and hair safe from the UV radiation of the sun.

10. Restores pH Balance On Your Scalp

Aloe vera has the same range of pH levels as your scalp and hair. Thus, using aloe vera regularly can restore the pH balance of your scalp and hair, which might have been disturbed otherwise due to other factors.

How To Use Aloe Vera On Hair?

1. Aloe Vera As Overnight Spray

Prepare a solution by blending ½ cup of aloe vera gel and ¼ cup of ginger juice. Pour it into a spray bottle and use it on your entire scalp and tresses during bedtime. Massage your scalp and hair for about 20 minutes. Leave it overnight and wash it off the next morning.

2. Aloe Vera As leave-In Conditioner

Add about 10-15 drops of lavender oil to ½ cup of aloe vera gel. Blend it into a smooth liquid and transfer it into a pump bottle. Apply a little bit of this conditioner to your scalp and hair after every hair wash. Leave it for 2-5 minutes before going for your final hair rinse.

3. Aloe Vera To Control Frizziness

Add a cup of aloe vera gel to a cup of coconut oil. Heat the mixture until the residue turns dark. Keep the mixture aside for cooling and store it in a container later. Massage your scalp and hair with aloe-coconut oil at least half an hour before your hair wash.

4. Aloe Vera For Dandruff Treatment

A. Add 10-15 drops of neem oil to 3-4 tsp of aloe vera gel. Massage this gel into your scalp. Leave it overnight and wash it off using a herbal shampoo the next morning. Repeat this weekly once or twice. This works well especially for people with elevated Pitta dosha.

B. Add 2 tsp of apple cider vinegar and 1 tsp of honey to 4 tsp of aloe vera gel. Whisk the mixture well and apply it to your scalp and hair. Leave it for half an hour before washing it off with a mild or herbal shampoo.

5. Aloe Vera For Soft And Shiny Hair

Mix well 2 tsp of aloe vera gel, 2 tsp of yogurt, and 2 tsp of honey in a bowl. Apply this mask to your scalp and hair. Leave it for half an hour before washing it off. Repeat this once a week.

6. Aloe Vera For Root-Strengthening And Treating Premature Greying

Prepare a fine paste from 2 tsp overnight-soaked fenugreek seeds. Add 2 tsp of aloe vera gel to the paste. Apply this mixture to your scalp and hair. Leave it for half an hour and rinse it off thoroughly later.

7. Aloe Vera For Hair Growth

A. Mix well equal parts of onion juice and aloe vera gel. Apply this mixture thoroughly across your scalp and hair. Leave it for about 30-45 minutes before washing it off using a mild or herbal shampoo. Repeat this twice a week.

B. Mix aloe vera gel and amla juice or powder in equal quantities. Apply this paste to your scalp and hair. Let it sit for an hour and wash it off with water.

hibiscus green leaves with flower

8. Aloe Vera For Repairing Split Ends

Prepare a fine paste by adding 2 tsp of hibiscus powder to ¼ cup of aloe vera gel. Apply this paste from the middle of your hair strands to the tip. Leave it for about 45-60 minutes before rinsing it off with lukewarm water. Repeat this once a week.

9. Aloe Vera For Hair Loss Treatment

Mix equal parts of aloe vera gel and freshly brewed green tea. Apply this mixture to your scalp and give it a gentle massage for a few minutes. Leave it for half an hour and wash it off using cold water. This works best for DHT hair loss.

What To Do After Applying Aloe Vera On Hair?

After treating your hair with aloe vera remedies, you need to leave it for some time to let the ingredients soak into your scalp and hair tissues. Later when your hair becomes stiff, you can wash it off using water or a mild shampoo.

How Often Should You Use Aloe Vera On Your Hair?

“You need to wash your hair on a regular basis if you are applying aloe vera to your hair routinely. Washing your hair too often is not recommended, especially if you have increased Vata dosha,” says Dr. Zeel.

For best results, you can use aloe vera for your scalp and hair once a week. If you have an extremely dry scalp or dry hair, use it for twice or thrice a week.

How Long Can Aloe Vera Stay In Your Hair?

You can apply and leave aloe vera in your hair for an hour or extend it to maximum 6 hours. Remember that keeping your hair soaked in aloe vera for a prolonged period may trap unwanted dust particles in your hair.

However, if you have severe dry scalp and frizzy hair issues due to highly elevated Vata levels, you can leave it overnight and wash it off the next morning.

Does Aloe Vera Have Any Side Effects On Hair?

Some people might have an irritated and itchy scalp on applying aloe vera. They may also experience burning sensation and eczema [4]. Usually, people who are allergic to tulips, garlic, and onions are often found to be allergic to aloe vera.

Seek medical advice from your doctor before using aloe vera in any form to treat your hair problems.

Vedix Tip: Perform a patch test before using aloe vera for your hair or skin. Apply a small amount of aloe vera gel anywhere on the elbow, nape of your neck, or inside of your wrist and wait for 24-48 hours to determine if you are sensitive to it.

The Last Word

Aloe vera is enriched with more than 75 nutrients, including 12 vitamins and 18 amino acids that are essential for healthy hair growth [5]. Treating your scalp and hair regularly with aloe vera can help your hair get the essential nutrients and prevent it from any kind of damaging effects. Use it in hassle-free ways to resolve your hair issues while keeping your elevated doshas in a balanced state. At Vedix, we analyze your dosha levels and customize an Ayurvedic hair care regimen best suited for your unique hair needs.

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