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Understanding hair issues according to ayurveda:

To understand the significance of a simple hair issue on a magnified scope, understanding any hair issue from the Ayurvedic perspective is essential.

Ayurveda looks at hair issues on a micro level and hence, gets to the root of the issue instead of “band-aid” treatment.

This is also one of the reasons why Ayurveda chooses one of the most easily understandable methods to measure the magnitude of the hair issue, the root cause, and the solution, with just a simple assessment. At Vedix, we call this method as the “Dosha Assessment”*, wherein we analyse the elevated states of Vata (Air and Ether Energies), Pitta (Fire Energy) and Kapha (Water and Earth Energies) in an individual through the inputs given in the Dosha Assessment Questionnaire*


Understanding hair fall according to ayurveda


1. What causes hair fall?

According to Ayurveda, several reasons can cause for the hair on your scalp to weaken and fall off. Some of these reasons include, exposure to dust, pollution, inconsistent diet, water contamination, usage of too many hair products, unsafe methods of styling, disturbed sleep cycles and much more. All of these can contribute to the disturbance of doshas and their elevation, which causes Hair Fall.

2. Doshas and their influence on hair fall

When doshas are elevated, they create diseases in areas, which they regulate, moderate, and control. Scalp being one of the regulating areas, cannot withstand the elevated state and this causes an abnormal environment for the hair follicles.

Vata dosha when elevated:

Elevated Vata Dosha can lead to dehydrated scalp, hair fall, thinning of hair, dry scalp, dandruff, cracked scalp surface and more.

Pitta dosha when elevated:

Elevated Pitta dosha can lead to loss of hair caused by greasiness, overheat, scalp inflammation, weaker roots, dandruff, inflammatory diseases on the scalp, and more.

Kapha dosha when elevated:

Elevated Kapha dosha can lead to excess oil production on the scalp, greasy scalp, itching, greasy dandruff, hair fall and more.

This elevation weakens the follicle gradually and causes the hair strand to fall off and the follicle to close off in the long run.


3. Pacifying the elevated doshas

Vedix can help you treat hair fall caused by the elevated doshas with herbs, which help in specifically pacifying the elevated doshas. The herbs not only pacify the elevated doshas, but also nourish hair and scalp, saving your follicles from further damage and arresting the hair fall caused by elevated doshas, altogether.