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Did you know amla or Indian gooseberry can boost the health of your skin and give you a healthy glow? Loaded with the goodness of vitamin C and other nutritious content, amla benefits your skin as much as your hair and health.

You can add amla to your daily skincare regimen to reap maximum benefits. Wondering how?

In this article, we tell you how amla works for your skin and how you can use it to get the most out of it.

Our Ayurvedic Doctor Speaks

“Amla helps in reducing melanin production in your skin by exhibiting tyrosinase inhibitory activity. This, in turn, lightens your skin tone from inside.”

Dr. Zeel Gandhi (Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine & Surgery), Chief Ayurvedic Doctor, Vedix

Is Amla Good For Skin Whitening?

Amla contains high amounts of vitamin C and is one of the highest antioxidant-rich ingredients. The antioxidants along with the other polyphenols in amla brighten your skin naturally by fighting off the free radicals in your skin cells.

Researchers revealed that amla exhibits antioxidant activity at the highest potential.

“Amla helps in reducing melanin production in your skin by exhibiting tyrosinase inhibitory activity [1]. This, in turn, lightens your skin tone from inside,” says Dr. Zeel Gandhi, Chief Ayurvedic Doctor at Vedix.

In a clinical trial, the intake of amla fruit extract orally resulted in improvement of skin conditions in women.

Studies on Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin-C) Content in Different Citrus Fruits claims that amla contains approximately 20 times more vitamin C than an orange.

Amla Benefits For The Skin

1. Slows Down Aging

Loaded with antioxidants, Amla helps your skin revive its aging cells while giving it a better texture. It also helps in boosting collagen production [2] in your skin which keeps it soft, firm, and youthful.

In a study conducted by the School of Cosmetic Science, amla is found to be a rich source of bioactive compounds which have potential anti-aging properties.

2. Combats Acne

Amla helps in controlling pimples and scarring associated with acne. It acts as a natural blood purifier which in turn prevents the formation of acne besides fighting the acne-causing bacteria.

The research conducted by the Prime College of Pharmacy, India concluded that a herbal cream formulation containing amla was effective in treating acne.

3. Reduces Skin Pigmentation

Amla helps in fading your skin pigmentation marks by controlling the melanin production in your skin. It helps in lightening your complexion by removing tan.

In a clinical evaluation of a formulation containing amla extract against hydroquinone 4% for skin lightening, it is found that amla-based formulation is an effective alternative to hydroquinone 4% to treat facial pigmentation.

4. Clears Dead Skin Cells

Amla has ultra skin cleansing properties which help to unclog your skin pores from accumulated dead skin cells by exfoliating gently.

5. Repairs Damaged Skin

The antioxidant content present in amla helps in fighting the free radical damage in your skin. It has astringent properties too [3] which helps in tightening your skin pores and protects your skin barrier against UV damage, pollutants, and dirt.

In a study conducted by Institute for Health Sciences, MIKI Corporation, Japan, it is found that amla extract is effective in controlling the photoaging activity caused by UVB radiation.

How Do You Use Amla Powder For Skin Whitening?

1. Amla For Face Mask

herbal face pack of Indian gooseberry or amla with yogurt and honey

  • Add a spoon of honey and yoghurt each to 2-3 spoons of amla powder. Mix the ingredients well to form a fine paste. Apply it as a face mask and wash it off after half an hour with normal water. This works best for people with normal and dry skin.
  • People with oily skin can add sufficient rose water to 2 spoons of amla powder to prepare a smooth paste. Then apply it on the face evenly and wash it off after half an hour.

2. Amla For Face Scrub

Add half a cup of granulated sugar and one spoon of rose water to half a cup of fresh amla powder. Mix the ingredients well and use it gently as a scrub. Massage your facial skin for a few minutes and then wash it off with normal water.

3. Eating Raw Amla

Wash a raw amla and cut it into small slices. Remove the seeds and eat them directly. You can also sprinkle some chat masala or use honey as a dip to make it tastier.

4. Drinking Amla Juice

Indian gooseberry fruit or amla juice

  • Add one and a half cups of water to one cup of amla slices.
  • Boil the amla in a pressure cooker on low flame until one whistle.
  • After the pressure cooker cools down, open the lid and check if the amla pieces have turned softer by pressing gently.
  • Remove the seeds from the amla and put the slices into a grinder. Add 1 -2 spoons of sugar and a pinch of salt to the boiled amla slices.
  • Now, add 1 cup of water to the ingredients and grind them together to make juice.
  • Filter, discard the pulp and add a pinch of cardamom powder to the juice before serving it in the morning.

Can You Apply Amla On The Face Directly?

No. Applying amla juice directly to your face can result in irritation, especially if you have sensitive skin. Instead, you can always use amla juice by diluting it with water or using amla powder face masks.

Precautions While Taking Amla

  • Amla or amla juice is not recommended for infants below 2 years of age.
  • It is always recommended to take amla juice when it’s fresh.
  • Amla contains antiplatelet properties [4] which can prevent blood from clotting. Hence, people with blood-related disorders such as over bleeding during menstruation, people who are undergoing surgeries, or people who are using blood thinners should be very cautious while taking amla orally.
  • People who are taking medication for Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes should also be very cautious while consuming amla as it can drop the blood sugar levels in the body [5].
  • People who have extremely dry skin should take amla in moderate quantities as it can aggravate dryness in the skin.
  • If you have hyperacidity, then it’s best to avoid oral consumption of amla.
  • Pregnant or breastfeeding women should avoid amla completely.
  • People who are coughing or those who have conditions related to aggravated Kapha dosha also should avoid the consumption of amla.

Vedix Tip: Drink a sufficient amount of water to keep yourself hydrated to counterbalance the dehydration caused by amla consumption.

Important Note:

Consult your doctor before consuming amla for your skin health to confirm that it does not interfere with any of your medical conditions or medications you are taking.

Possible Side Effects

Though amla is known to benefit your skin and overall health in several ways, it might not be safe for everyone to consume it. In some people, consumption of amla can result in the following side effects:

1. Stomach disorders

2. Stomach cramps

3. Vomiting

4. Ulcers

5. Diarrhea

6. Acid refluxes

7. Weight loss

8. Constipation

9. Headache and dizziness

According to Dr. Zeel, it is safe to consume up to 1000mg amla or 10ml of amla juice as a daily dose for up to 6 months.

Important Note:

Seek medical help immediately if you notice any of the above-mentioned symptoms or other side effects after consuming amla.

The Last Word

The nutrition-rich wonder ingredient amla can boost your skin health and help you achieve flawless skin naturally. For best results, we recommend using amla powder or juice with no added preservatives for your skin.

At Vedix, we craft a customized Ayurvedic skincare regimen based on your skin type to deal with your unique skin concerns.

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