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Do you desire celebrity-like hair but are afraid to go for chemical treatments? Hair botox is a chemical-free solution to maintaining perfectly straight, smooth and silky hair that lasts months with little maintenance.

Rich in vitamins, proteins and collagen, hair botox is the ultimate restoration therapy for damaged tresses. Due to its simple application method, amazing hair benefits and longevity, hair botox is the new talk of the town among celebrities and hair care specialists. Scroll down to know its detailed benefits and after treatment hair care routine for long lasting lustrous locks.

What Is Hair Botox & Is It Safe?

As per the name, hair botox is a reviving treatment for your damaged tresses. While it doesn’t include the real botox (Botulinum Toxin), this non-invasive, deep conditioning treatment, revitalizes your hair by penetrating the hair shaft and repairing it from within. Hair botox contains a number of essential nutrients that fill gaps in the hair fiber, treat breakage and split ends, seal moisture and give your hair an overall botox-like revival.

In short, hair botox is safer than many other treatments that promise similar results. It is low on chemicals and is in fact beneficial to your hair. However, it is always safe to check in prior for any allergic reactions.

How Does Hair Botox Work?

Infused with vitamins, amino acids, collagen, protein, essential oils and antioxidants, this hair restoration treatment repairs and strengthens each hair fiber.

  • The initial shampoo used in hair botox treatment slightly lifts the outermost cuticle layer.
  • This makes way for the nutrients to enter the hair shaft and reconstruct splitage in the hair fiber.
  • Ingredients contained in hair botox are designed to fill up gaps in the hair shaft and plump it from within to give it a smooth, silky, voluminous effect that lasts a long time.

What Are The Benefits Of Hair Botox?

Sick, cut and healthy hair before and after treatment

1. Reverses Hair Damage

Hair botox reinstills health and shine in hair that has suffered environmental damages. Everyday exposure to dust, pollution, humidity and sun can rob your hair of its vitality making it look dull and damaged. Frequent heat styling, harsh chemicals, surfactants in your shampoos and conditioners can also leave you with split ends and frizz.

Hair botox treatment helps battle all such hair issues. It infuses your damaged strands with essential nutrients (mostly natural), seals the cuticle layer and helps reverse hair damage.

2. Deep Conditioning For Frizzy Hair

Low porosity, dry hair can immensely benefit from hair botox. The treatment deep conditions each fiber and provides essential moisture to dry strands. It seals the cuticle layer and prevents moisture escape, thus providing optimum hydration to your parched hair.

3. Strengthens Hair

Hair botox treatment revives damaged hair, improves elasticity and helps retain moisture. All these essential factors add to your hair health giving your strong, beautiful tresses that can endure styling and wear and tear.

4. Boosts Volume

The treatment is designed to add body and volume to limp hair. Protein, collagen and other hair benefitting nutrients present in hair botox act as fillers for your damaged hair fibers. This makes each strand appear thick, adding overall volume to your hair.

5. Creates A Straight, Smooth Look

The treatment is wrapped up by sealing the conditioning agent into the hair fiber. This is done with the help of a flat iron that enhances the absorption of the product into the hair shaft. Once dried, you are left with beautiful, straight, smooth hair.

6. Protects From Further Damage

The conditioning agent in hair botox does not only repair from the inside but also forms a protective layer over the hair shaft and prevents further chances of damage. This fortifying action of hair botox keeps your hair healthy, moisturized and stimulates growth. With a little after care, you can keep your hair strong, frizz-free and manageable for months.

Hair specialists recommend visiting a salon for botox hair treatment rather than doing it at home. This ensures even application, better longevity and less chances of heat induced hair damage to your precious locks.

How To Do Hair Botox?

Hair stylist applying serum on her clients hair

Hair botox is available online if you decide to do it at home. Go for a reputed brand even if it is on the expensive side as you don’t want to compromise on quality when it comes to your hair. Read the ingredients carefully and choose a product that contains natural ingredients for a chemical-free treatment. Follow the below-mentioned steps for a hassle-free botox hair treatment at home.

1. Check what is included in your hair botox kit. This may differ from brand to brand. The kit is likely to contain a shampoo, a filling serum and the hair repairing treatment.

2. Read the instructions carefully. Double check the method of application and for how long the product should be left on your hair.

3. Shampoo your hair thoroughly to clean dirt, grime and product leftovers. If your hair botox kit does not contain a shampoo, you can use any deep cleansing shampoo of your choice.

4. Towel dry your hair as the botox hair treatment is to be applied on damp hair.

5. Now part your hair into several small sections for easy application.

6. If your kit includes a filling serum, apply and massage it from the root to the tips, making sure your strands get full coverage.

7. Next apply the repairing conditioner through the length of your hair and leave it on for the required amount of time. Generally the conditioner is allowed to stay anywhere between 15 minutes to an hour.

8. Lastly, seal in the botox hair treatment with a flat iron.

How To Take Care Of Botoxed Hair?

beautiful lady relaxing at beach

Following a good hair care regime after botox hair treatment is crucial for a long lasting effect.

1. Stick to gentle, herbal hair cleansing products that are free of harsh surfactants (sulphates), parabens, colours and fragrances. Some products are specially formulated for after treatment hair care.

2. Keep your hair moisturized. Use a repairing hair mask every week that deep conditions your hair to keep dryness away.

3. Avoid using too many styling products that contain harmful chemicals. Minimize heat styling.

4. Sleep on silk pillowcases and avoid tying your hair too tight to prevent hair damage from friction.

5. Avoid long hours of sun exposure that can make your botox treated hair lose its lustre. Use caps, hats or scarves to protect your hair.

6. Wear a swimming cap to avoid chlorine damages while taking a dip in the pool.

Vedix Tip: Wash your hair with coconut milk as part of your after care, post the hair botox treatment. This will help to lock in moisture, provide nourishment and prevent dryness.

Botox treatment will be much beneficial if one maintains health with nutritious food and not suffering with any ailments.If one loses hair postillness for them the botox treatment is much useful unless and until they maintain a healthy diet.

Hair Botox Treatment Disadvantages

1. Chances Of Skin Allergies

There is always a risk of skin allergy when it comes to hair treatments. The product may cause skin irritation and breakouts for those with sensitive or allergy-prone skin.

2. Heat Damage

Though the hair botox is marketed as a chemical-free treatment that is far less damaging when compared to other hair treatments, the last sealing technique that uses a flat iron may cause some heat damage.

3. Expensive

Needless to say botox hair treatments are expensive and they need to be repeated 2 to 3 times in a year to retain the lustrous effect.

4. Frequent Application May Cause Hair Damage

Some users have reported hair damage with repeated use of hair botox.

5. May Not Straighten Hair

The focus of botox hair treatment is not hair straightening. Thus very curly hair types may not notice much of a texture change. The overall effect of hair botox also depends on the type of hair it is applied to. Though it will repair all hair types, the external finish and shine may vary, making it a less dependable hair treatment.

Hair Botox Vs. Keratin

Hair Botox

Keratin Treatment

Chemical-free hair treatment

Contains harmful carcinogenic chemicals such as formaldehyde [1].

Low chances of skin allergy

Reported eczema like skin conditions [2] in many after keratin treatments.

Repairs damaged hair

Has damaging effects on your hair especially with frequent applications.

Moisturizing and hydrating effect

Does not focus on moisturization

Is often completed in one session

May require multiple sessions

Easy after-treatment hair care

Demands meticulous after-treatment hair care

Adds volume to thin hair

Keratin treatment can make your hair look thin and limp due to the straightening effect

Hair has a more natural appearance

Hair may appear unnaturally straight after treatment

A. Is Hair Botox Better Than Keratin?

When you consider the above-mentioned points, botox hair treatment definitely seems to be the better choice for all hair types. The initial result of keratin treatment may be promising but many have reported skin allergies owing to the heavy presence of chemicals.

Keratin treatment is also better suited for those who have thick hair and are looking for a more permanent texture change. As for thin hair, keratin may weigh it down. Hair botox treatment on the other hand, repairs, adds volume and lustre to damaged hair with minimum hair and skin damage concerns.

FAQs About Hair Botox Treatment

1. Is Hair Botox Suitable For All Hair Types?

Yes, unlike keratin treatment, hair botox is suitable for all hair types. Being a deep conditioning, repairing treatment that reinforces volume and shine, its effects on damaged, thin hair are immediately visible.

2. Who Can Use Botox For Hair?

All those who suffer from the undermentioned hair issues and desire shiny, voluminous tresses can go for botox hair treatment.

  • Dryness and frizz
  • Split ends
  • Hair breakage
  • Curly hair with low porosity
  • Chemical or heat damaged hair
  • Frequently bleached or coloured hair
  • Living in hot humid climate

3. How Long Does Botox Hair Treatment Last?

Botox hair treatments last around 3 to 4 months. This is largely dependent on a number of factors such as:

  • Brand quality of the product you have chosen
  • After care
  • Exposure to environmental damages
  • New hair growth

The Last Word

Hair botox has been gaining popularity for being a chemical free, hair restoration treatment that suits all hair types. A bit heavy on the pocket, but the after treatment results might actually seem worth it. If you are not allergic to new products, you may as well go for a botox hair session and see the magic unfold on your tresses.

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