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Are you looking for a natural element that can address your thinning hair problems? Guar gum can be your go-to solution.

A derivative of guar or cluster beans, guar gum can help you achieve thicker hair along with resolving all your hair problems naturally.

Scroll down to know how guar gum benefits your hair and what are the right ways to use it.

What Is Guar Gum And Where Is It Used?

Guar gum is a natural odorless gum that is a white or yellow polysaccharide. It is prepared by grinding the tissue of guar bean or cluster bean seeds (Indian Cyamopsis tetragonolobus). Guar gum powder forms a highly viscous paste when it is dissolved in water. The viscosity levels depend on factors such as the amount of powder used, water temperature, etc.

“In Ayurvedic terms, guar beans are sweet with cooling and nourishing properties. Its extracts can help in pacifying elevated Pitta and Kapha doshas,” says Dr. Zeel Gandhi, our Chief Ayurvedic Doctor at vedix.

Due to its thickening and emulsifying properties, guar gum is predominantly used in cosmetic formulations (hair and skincare) as a suspending agent and for fine-tuning the texture [1]. Also, it has wide usages in textile and ceramic industries apart from pharma and food sectors [2] because of its rich medicinal properties and nutritional content.

How Does Guar Gum Work For Your Hair?

The guar gum powder is an exceptional water absorbent. A thick jelly is formed when it is combined with water. On application, this jelly acts as a transparent coat to your hair strands, which gives them a thicker and smoother texture with enhanced shine.

Benefits Of Guar Gum For Hair

1. Guar gum conditions your hair and prevents breakage

2. Makes your hair shiny while adding a smooth texture

3. Prevents the product buildup on your hair

4. Seals in the moisture and keeps your hair well hydrated

5. Averts tangling of your hair while making it easily manageable

6. Controls frizz and static friction between your hair strands

7. Shields your hair from pollution and UV radiation [3]

Guar plant has derived its name from the Sanskrit word ‘Govidha’, which means ‘food for cows’.

How To Use Guar Gum For Hair?

You can use guar gum as a natural conditioner for your hair. All you have to do is mix a half spoon of guar gum powder in a cup full of water at room temperature. Stir the mixture well until the guar gum powder gets fully dissolved in the water without forming any lumps. Now, cover the cup with a lid and keep it aside for an hour. Meanwhile, guar gum absorbs the water and forms a jelly-like paste.

You can add this paste to your conditioner and apply the mixture properly to your hair by dividing it into smaller sections. Now, let it sit on your hair for 15-20 minutes and then wash it off using lukewarm water.

“You can also use a diluted and thinner guar gum solution as an effective detangler for your hair,” says Dr. Zeel.

How Guar Gum Powder Is Used In Hair Products?

Unlike other thickening agents, you need not preheat the aqueous solution to which guar gum is added. This makes it an ideal thickening agent that is used to enhance the consistency of various hair care products such as hair gels, conditioners, serums, etc.

While guar gum has exceptional conditioning properties, it is also used to extend the shelf life of hair care products.

woman holding hair care products

Recommended Dosage :

In your hair products, the recommended levels of guar gum are 0.2-2%. As guar gum is moderately basic (pH>9), the other ingredients of your hair product should be able to neutralize it with a pH value less than 7 [4].

“Ingredients such as a small pinch of citric acid or few drops of concentrated lemon juice, which are acidic(pH<7) can be added into the formulation,” says Dr. Zeel.

What Are The Side Effects Of Guar Gum?

Vedix Tip: Ensure that the guar gum is blended with your dosha-specific herbal oil extracts in your hair products or when you use it directly to prevent flaking of your scalp skin.

Some Interesting Facts About Guar Gum

1. Guar gum is composed of two types of sugars-mannose and galactose, whose molecules are bonded in the form of elongated chains.

2. Guaran, gomme guar, galactomannan, guarkernmehl, goma guar, etc. are some of the other names of guar gum.

3. Guar gum is extensively cultivated in India.

4. The thickening capacity of guar gum is much greater than that of corn starch.

5. Guar gum is cheaper than other products made of cellulose.

6. Guar plant is highly resistant to drought conditions and can even grow in environments with less water.

7. Guar gum is biodegradable, toxin-free, and eco-friendly. [5]

Important Note:

Before using guar gum directly or in any product form, we recommend you to seek your doctor’s consultation.

The Last Word

When used right, guar gum can greatly contribute to the natural thickness and shine of your hair. Applying it in the right amounts based on your Ayurvedic dosha levels is the key. At Vedix, an Ayurvedic hair care regimen is customized for you with highly balanced herbal formulations based on your current state of doshas and hair problems.

Know Your Dosha Now

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