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Have you observed hair fall after wearing your helmet for long intervals? While wearing a helmet is important to ensure your personal safety, it may cause hair loss otherwise. Wondering how?

When you wear an ill-fitting helmet, the roots of your hair get repeatedly tugged. This repetitive tension on your scalp may lead to gradual hair loss. This condition is commonly known as traction alopecia. However, this can be prevented by following healthy hair care practices and easy home remedies.

Scroll down to know why wearing a helmet regularly leads to hair loss and how you can prevent it.

Does Wearing A Helmet Cause Hair Loss?

Regular use of helmets may lead to hair fall due to the technique of wearing it. If you wear a helmet for long time intervals, it may lead to sweat build-up which in turn leads to bacterial growth [1] on your scalp.

Helmets which are made up of bad quality materials may produce more sweat which leads to fungal infections. Your technique of putting on and removing the helmet may also lead to hair fall. Below are some of the reasons why wearing a helmet may lead to hair loss:

1. Traction Alopecia

It is a condition which occurs when you tie your hair tightly and wear braids [2] for long periods of time. Traction alopecia is observed in people who wear helmets on a daily basis. This condition may cause severe hair loss in affected individuals.

2. Improper Technique Of Wearing Helmet

There is a correct way and technique of wearing a helmet. Ensure that while putting on your helmet, you don’t forcefully pull or tug at your hair. If you don’t feel any pull while wearing your helmet, then it indicates that you are wearing it properly. Additionally, it ensures that you protect yourself from traction alopecia.

3. Bacterial & Fungal Growth Inside Your Helmet

If you wear a helmet on a regular basis for a long period, it eventually becomes a breeding ground for various bacterial and fungal growth which may cause hair loss. The fungal growth occurs due to the accumulation of dirt and sweat which causes an infection. Also, it may cause your hair to thin and obstruct new hair growth.

Does Wearing A Helmet Cause Dandruff?

men holding helmet

If you already suffer from recurrent appearance of dandruff, then wearing a helmet for long intervals may only worsen your existing scalp condition [3]. This happens due to the temperature and humidity inside the helmet which aggravates your scalp condition. When you have dandruff, the dead flakes get stuck inside your helmet.

Below are some of the challenges that helmet wearers who suffer from dandruff face:

1. Dead Skin Flakes Covering The Inside Section Of The Helmet

With passing time, the dead skin flakes multiply the fungal and bacterial growth inside the helmet. This in turn causes you irritability, increases your itching and leads to bad odour.

2. Increased Itchiness On The Scalp

Continuous itching interferes when you are traveling, and it becomes a safety issue. Use herbal and natural shampoo to cleanse your scalp to avoid itching.

Tips To Wear Helmet Without Hair Loss

woman washing hair in shower

When you wear your helmet for long hours, you face numerous challenges such as damaged hair, scalp issues, and hair loss. Below are some simple and beneficial tips which may help you to better manage and care for your hair.

1. Always Keep Your Scalp And Hair Clean

The imperative step that you must religiously follow is to keep your scalp and hair clean on a daily basis. Any accumulation of dirt and sweat in the roots of your hair may escalate scalp issues like dandruff. Consider using a mild and herbal cleanser to wash your scalp and hair daily to keep it oil and dirt free.

2. Deep Condition Your Hair

Conditioning and nourishing your hair may minimize the friction which is caused by the constant rubbing of the inner lining of the helmet against your scalp and hair. Natural and herbal hair conditioners like coconut oil, aloe vera, or an egg and honey mask are excellent choices for deep moisturizing and conditioning your hair.

3. Choose The Perfect Fitting Helmet

Traction alopecia is caused when you wear a tight or ill-fitting helmet. This causes gradual hair fall as your hair is continuously pulled backwards. Always select a helmet which is the right size for you – not too loose or too tight. Additionally, take your time before putting on your helmet to avoid your hair from being pulled backwards.

4. Take Good Care Of Your Helmet

If you want to take care of your hair, you must take care of your helmet as well. Remember to clean your helmet regularly – both from outside and inside. This will prevent any seat and dirt accumulation. When not in use, keep it in a well-ventilated and clean area.

5. Keep A Cloth Inside Your Helmet

Ensure that you keep a layer of natural fabric inside the lining of your helmet to prevent any friction between your hair and the helmet. The natural fabric helps in absorbing sweat, which not only protects your hair, but also the inside lining of the helmet from getting spoilt. Make sure to wash and dry this additional layer of cloth frequently to keep it clean.

6. Avoid Wearing Your Helmet On Damp Hair

When your hair is still damp after washing, let it either air dry or blow dry before you put on your helmet. Drying your hair will avoid sweat build-up and minimize the chances of other hair issues.

7. Treat Your Scalp Issues

If you are already suffering from dandruff or itchy scalp, you should address these scalp issues soon to prevent any escalation due to helmets. Itchy scalp and dandruff may cause hair loss, persistent irritation and bad odour. Follow home remedies and ayurvedic treatments to treat these scalp conditions.

8. Braid Your Hair

Braiding your hair is a simple yet effective tip for people with long hair. If you have long, thick hair, then consider tying or braiding your hair before putting on your helmet. This will secure your hair in one place.

Additionally, ensure you include protein and essential vitamins in your daily diet to avoid hair loss. Remember to hydrate yourself which helps in strengthening your hair and keeping it nourished and healthy.

How To Prevent Hair Loss From Helmets?

hair mask and bamboo comb

If you are experiencing hair fall from wearing your helmet, consider using herbal and natural home remedies to effectively tackle the issue.

1. Ginger, Onion Or Garlic Juice

Apply either one of these extracts onto your scalp and hair and leave for overnight. Rinse your hair with a mild, herbal cleanser for best results.

2. Green Tea

In one cup of hot water, add two green tea bags and allow it to soak. Once the mix is cool, rinse your hair with it. Repeat the same step for two weeks to see the desired effect [4].

3. Keep Yourself Stress-free

Practice yoga or meditation to keep stress at bay. Ensure you take time out for activities like swimming, walking or light jogging for half an hour every day. Any physical exercise or activity balances your hormonal levels and keeps your anxiety or stress in check.

4. Avoid Combing Damp Hair

Damp hair is in its weakest form. Hence, avoid combing or brushing when your hair is damp as the probability of hair loss increases. If it is absolutely necessary to comb your hair in a damp state, ensure you use a wide-toothed comb. Don’t brush or comb your hair excessively as it may harm your hair and increase hair fall. To untangle knots in your hair, use your fingers to gently pull them apart, instead of using a brush or comb.

5. Change Your Hairstyle

Ensure you leave your hair loose if you’re experiencing hair fall. Braids and pony tug or pull your hair follicles, which gradually leads to hair loss.

6. Avoid Using Chemical-based Hair Products

Chemical-laden hair products and permanent hair colours may damage your hair with long term usage. Don’t opt for permanent hair colours or dyes when you suffer from hair fall and breakage.

7. Bhringraj

Also called False Daisy, Bhringraj is a medicinal herb which is an age-old ayurvedic treatment for hair loss. The extract of this medicinal herb helps in hair regrowth. You may consider using it for preventing hair loss due to the helmet.

8. Biotin

Biotin is classified in the Vitamin B complex family, which primarily aids the human body to derive energy from the digested food particles. Research indicates that taking biotin supplements or including biotin-based food in your daily diet may slow hair fall. If you’re experiencing hair loss, ensure you include foods rich in biotin such as oats, onions, eggs, sweet potatoes, and nuts in your daily diet.

How To Maintain Hairstyle While Wearing A Helmet?

1. Bandana Or Head Scarf

If you wear a bandana or head scarf under your helmet, it will uniformly keep your hair in one place. Ensure you use a cloth-based bandana, instead of a leather-based bandana as it forms sweat and rashes on your scalp.

2. Flaunt A Short Hairstyle

A short hairstyle which frames your face beautifully is a good alternative if you love going for long rides in your bike.

3. Keep It Clean

Wash your hair after a long ride with a mild shampoo, or try using natural hair masks to re-energize and nourish your scalp and hair. Remember to keep both your hair and helmet dry and sweat free to avoid any bacterial or fungal infection.

4. Choose The Right Fit

Choose a helmet which snugly frames your head and doesn’t touch the crown of your head. This will ensure that your hair isn’t pulled backwards, which may lead to hair loss.

5. Choose An Alternative Travel Option

If you still want to ensure that your hairstyle isn’t disturbed or spoilt, then try taking an alternative option such as traveling by car or public transport.

The Last Word

Helmets are not directly responsible for hair fall. It only safeguards you from any untoward incident. However, it’s a fact that putting on a helmet for long intervals may aggravate your existing scalp and hair condition such as dandruff and hair loss. Ensure that you clean the inside lining and padding of your helmet regularly, rinse your hair with a mild shampoo, choose a right fitting helmet, and tie a soft, natural fabric around your head if you sweat excessively.

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