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Let's be real - we're all ready to do practically anything to make our hair look shiny and lustrous. But is it possible to achieve shiny hair without causing damage or side-effects?

The answer is yes. Ayurveda offers several natural and hair-friendly remedies. Dr. Zeel Gandhi, Chief Ayurvedic Doctor at Vedix, says that Ayurvedic therapies, like hair oils and masks, are effective when coupled with a healthy diet and lifestyle.

If you want to know how to incorporate Ayurvedic herbs and oils into your hair care routine for naturally shiny hair, read on to know more.

Why Does Hair Lose Its Natural Shine?

According to Ayurveda, the hair loses its shine due to an imbalance of the three doshas - Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. Each dosha has a specific impact on your bodily functions.

An excess of Vata dosha in the body leads to dry, frizzy, and dull hair. Pitta is a key dosha for blood production and circulation, which directly affects hair follicles. An elevated Kapha dosha can lead to the overproduction of oil in the scalp.

Let's find out reasons that may cause an imbalance in your doshas.

1. Pollution

Sunlight has ultraviolet radiation that can cause damage to your skin and hair by increasing the Vata dosha. This affects the outermost protective fat layer of your hair cuticles. It leads to hair problems such as breakage, frizziness, dullness, and even baldness.

2. Poor Diet And Lifestyle

According to Ayurveda, your hair's health is directly linked to your gut and central nervous system. If their health deteriorates, your hair is likely to be affected.

Dr. Zeel explains, "Internal stressors like improper nutrition, mental health, and hormonal imbalance all exert their effect on your hair." Hence, it is essential to consume nutrient-rich food, which provides natural conditioning to your hair.

3. Excessive Use Of Chemicals And Styling Products

The chemicals used in hair products weaken the roots and leave the scalp dry. As a result, your hair loses its natural moisture and begins to look dull [1].

hair dresser at work

4. Stress

According to Ayurveda, stress causes an imbalance in doshas, thereby impacting your hair's health. Due to stress, hair follicles move into a resting phase where they stop producing new strands. It also affects the hormonal balance of your body, which leads to problems like hair fall.

How Does Ayurveda Help In Restoring Shine To Your Hair?

1. Ayurvedic Herbs

Ayurvedic herbs have worked like magic on hair for centuries. These natural treatments help revitalize dull and lifeless hair by providing vital nutrients and helping restore balance in your doshas.

Here are some Ayurvedic herbs that you can use to make your hair shiny:

A. Triphala

Triphala is a very popular rasayana to help rejuvenate your hair. It has antibacterial properties that reduce hair damage and increase volume.

Tips For Using Triphala:

  • It can be consumed in powder form.
  • You can also use triphala to massage your scalp by mixing it in coconut oil.

B. Brahmi

Brahmi's benefits are not limited to reducing stress, but has been proven effective in treating problems such as hair loss, damage, breakage, dandruff, and itchiness.

Tips For Using Brahmi:

  • Mix brahmi powder with amla, neem, and yogurt. Apply the paste on your scalp and rinse it off after some time.
  • Another way to use brahmi is to boil its leaves with herbs such as neem or ashwagandha. Use the water to wash your hair.
  • You can also massage your scalp with brahmi oil to make your hair smooth and shiny.

C. Bhringraj

This is a popular medicinal herb that treats a multitude of hair issues. It soothes the scalp and provides nourishment to the follicles. Bhringraj is available in the form of oil and can also be prepared at home.

Tips For Using Bhringraj:

  • Apply bhringraj oil mixed with a few drops of vitamin E oil to treat dosha imbalance.
  • You can mix bhringraj powder in water and apply the paste to your roots.

D. Amla

Amla or Indian Gooseberry has been used to treat skin and hair problems for generations. It is rich in vitamin C, which is an essential nutrient for healthy hair. Amla helps maintain your scalp's pH level and boosts blood circulation.

indian gooseberry with its extracted essence

Tips For Using Amla:

  • Amla can be consumed as a juice.
  • Mix amla powder with coconut oil or water and apply the paste to your hair. Leave it on for some time and rinse off with water.
  • You can mix amla with other herbs like shikakai and apply the paste to your scalp.

E. Fenugreek

It is also known as methi dana and is one of the staple spices used in Indian households. Fenugreek is rich in potassium, calcium, iron, folic acid, and vitamins A, C, and K. It helps fight hair fall, dryness, and dandruff.

Tips For Using Fenugreek:

  • Soak fenugreek seeds in water overnight. Grind them into a paste using the same water. Mix a carrier oil such as coconut oil or other herbs and apply the paste to your roots.
  • You can also add fenugreek to curries, salads, dals, and other foods.

2. Ayurvedic Hair Oils

A regular head massage with Ayurvedic hair oil offers significant benefits. It helps boost blood circulation in the head and nourishes deep muscle tissues.

organic coconut oil

Your doshas should be taken into account when choosing a hair oil. Generally, Vata and Pitta-dominant hair need oils that contain vitamin E, such as almond, olive, and coconut oil.

For best results, oil your hair at least twice a week.

3. Foods Based On Ayurvedic Prakriti

Ayurveda suggests that the health of our hair begins with the food we eat. “Good health always leads to healthy hair. Conversely, smooth problem-free hair is a distant dream if you are not healthy,” says Dr. Zeel Gandhi, Chief Ayurvedic Doctor at Vedix.

Your diet must include foods rich in protein, fiber, potassium, omega-3 fatty acid, magnesium, iron, and vitamins B6, B-12, C, D, and E.

Foods recommended for Vata and Pitta Prakriti include salmon, avocado, tomatoes, eggs, bananas, blueberries, greek yogurt, nuts (almonds, peanuts, cashews, walnuts), spinach, flaxseeds, dark chocolate, chia seeds, and amla (Indian Gooseberry).

Other Methods To Get Shiny Hair

1. Natural Methods

Healthy hair requires care and effort. Follow these simple steps to maintain your hair's health and shine:

A. Rinse Your Hair With Cold Water

Coldwater prevents the hair from losing its moisture. It smoothes rough cuticles and adds shine. During winters, use lukewarm water to wash your hair.

B. Use The Right Hairbrush

Brushing your hair with the right kind of hairbrush can help evenly distribute natural oils created by your scalp. Choose a brush with boar bristles and make sure you are gentle with your hair. Avoid brushing wet hair.

C. Apply A Natural Hair Mask

A hair mask is an easy and quick way to nourish and hydrate your hair. You can use ingredients such as egg, honey, avocado, coconut oil, and aloe vera to create an effective all-natural hair mask. Leave the mask on for about 20-30 minutes to get shiny hair at home.

Here are some recommended combinations:

  • Avocado + banana
  • Aloe vera gel + coconut oil
  • Egg + mayonnaise
  • Yogurt + honey
  • Brown sugar + olive oil
  • Curry leaves + coconut oil
  • Coconut oil + honey
  • Coconut oil + strawberry + honey

D. Drink Plenty Of Water

Dehydration can halt hair growth and even lead to hair fall. Try to drink at least eight glasses of water a day to keep your hair lustrous and shiny.

2. Cosmetic Methods

If you're looking to achieve instant results, you can invest in some good hair care products. These are specially formulated to provide strength and shine to your hair.

A. Hair Serum

Hair serum is a liquid-based treatment that is usually formulated using silicones. It creates a protective layer over the hair and helps fight frizz and dullness. Apply the serum on damp hair to leave it looking fresh and glossy. However, we recommend that you opt for a silicone free natural hair serum to avoid hair damage.

B. Shampoo

To achieve instant shine without too much effort, you can use a shampoo containing keratin, natural oils, and rich nutrients [2].

C. Hair Dryer

Choose a blow dryer with heat balance technology to prevent hair damage and maintain its moisture.

D. Conditioner

Conditioning your hair after washing is recommended you want to avoid dry and frizzy hair. A conditioner helps detangle the hair, so it feels soft and smooth. It also helps prevent breakage and split ends.

E. Hair Spa

A hair spa is a rejuvenating treatment to restore vital oils, moisture, and shine in the hair. It deeply nourishes hair roots and follicles. You can get a hair spa once every two weeks.

F. Hair Smoothing

This is a keratin treatment that temporarily straightens the hair and gives it a naturally shiny and smooth look. It lasts for about two to five months and is usually done under expert supervision [3].

Does Exercise Help In Getting Shiny Hair?

Yes. Exercise helps boost blood circulation in the scalp and hair follicles. As a result, it eases the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the hair roots. Regular exercise also helps control stress.

You can always start with less and gradually build up. Check out this list of exercises that can be added to your daily routine:

1. Cardio exercises

Cardio exercises such as running and jogging allow you to sweat, which is a great way to flush out harmful toxins. It opens up the pores in the scalp, increases blood flow, and prevents dryness. Try to aim for at least thirty minutes of cardio every day.

2. Breathing Exercises (Pranayam)

Pranayam reduces stress levels and improves blood circulation in the body. It helps rejuvenate damaged hair and promotes hair growth. Kapalbhati and Naadi Shodhan are some popular Pranayam techniques useful for healthy hair and brain function.

3. Yoga

The benefits of yoga are not only limited to physical fitness but also mental health. According to a study [4], constant worrying and depression can be reduced through yoga. It also helps boost blood circulation throughout the scalp and improves hair quality.

Here are some yoga exercises for healthy, lustrous hair:

woman doing yoga relax outdoor

A. Uttanasana

The 'standing forward bend' provides energy to the head's cells and rejuvenates the body.

B. Adho Mukha Svanasana

Also known as 'downward facing dog,' this pose helps the blood reach the scalp. It helps release stress and relaxes the mind.

C. Ustrasana

The 'camel' pose heals and balances your chakras. In women, it even helps regulate the menstrual cycle. Ustrasana is also useful in reducing hair problems like thinning and breakage.

D. Sasangasana

This yoga pose promotes blood circulation in the scalp. It helps improve the quality of hair by bringing back shine and strength. It requires you to sit on the knees, with your hands on the heels, and bend towards the floor.

E. Bhujangasana

Also known as the 'cobra' pose, this asana helps stimulate blood flow in your head and body, thereby boosting hair growth.

F. Sirsasana

The 'head-stand' supplies essential nutrients to the roots of your hair. As a result, your hair grows healthier and shinier. This pose requires you to balance your entire body on your head with the help of your hands.

Quick Tips For Shiny Hair

1. Keep your hair clean by washing it twice or thrice a week with a mild shampoo.

2. Always apply conditioner after washing your hair to avoid dryness.

3. Make sure to brush your hair every day.

4. Practice yoga or exercise regularly.

5. Avoid using chemicals and styling products.

6. Massage your scalp with any natural oil at least twice a week.

7. Drink around 1.5 to 2 liters of water daily.

8. Protect your hair from scorching heat and pollution.

9. Use natural hair masks to provide essential nutrients to your hair.

10. Include foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids in your diet.

The Last Word

Ayurveda offers a multitude of treatments and remedies for all kinds of hair issues. It follows a traditional approach that addresses the root cause of the problem. For it to be effective, you need to recognize your hair type, so you can pick the right kind of treatment, products, and diet for healthy, shinier hair.

Vedix provides you with a customized Ayurvedic hair care regimen consisting of a shampoo, serum, and hair oil, based on your Dosha levels.

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