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The Vedix Khoob Anti-Hair Fall Oil is part of the Vedix Customised Hair Care Regimen Kit. It comes along with shampoo and hair serum. It helps pacify your elevated doshas and keeps your hair hydrated.

What Causes Hair Loss

Hair loss is a major concern

Will you believe if we say that hair fall is a normal procedure conducted by your body? Well, it is true, but not fully.

The hair follicles in your body produce new hair cells. In this way, old and weak hair cells are thrown off from the scalp.

And that is what you see - a bunch of dead hair cells - when you brush or comb your hair. 

The average adult head sheds around 100 strands a day, which is normal.

Problem starts when there is extensive hair loss and no hair growth.

Loss of hair can occur due to:

  • Improper and unhealthy diet
  • Wrong lifestyle choices like smoking, drinking 
  • Taking a lot of stress and anxiety
  • Experimenting on your hair through various styling tools and colouring 

When your hair follicles does not get proper nourishment and care, it is unable to produce new hair, becomes weak and eventually breaks off.

Hair Fall Treatment In Ayurveda

Treat your hair problems with Ayurveda

Ayurveda defines hair fall when the human body is suffering from an dosha imbalance.

Doshas are biological energies that flow throughout the human mind and body. They are derived from the five elements, also known as panchamabhutas

  • Earth, the principle of inertia
  • Water, the principle of cohesion
  • Fire, the principle of radiance
  • Wind, the principle of vibration
  • Ether, the principle of the pervasiveness

These five elements come together to form the three doshas or tridoshas - Vata, Pitta and Kapha - in the human body.

A good balance amongst the doshas is vital for good health

The three doshas are vital for the body to function well. A perfect health is attained when all three doshas are in equilibrium.

Problem starts when one of the dosha would be prominent on the other two.

Why Vedix Khoob-Anti Hair Fall Oil Works

Vedix Khoob-Anti Hair Fall Oil

Oiling is an important step for any hair care regimen. When you oil your hair on a regular basis, it hydrates your scalp and strengthens the hair roots.

The Vedix Khoob-Anti Hair Fall Oil consists of Ayurvedic herbs that helps in hair growth by pacifying your elevated doshas. 

When you fill in the Vedix Dosha Assessment Questionnaire (VDAQ), you get your Ayurvedic body profile, otherwise known as the Unique Dosha Profile.

Based on your dosha profile, your oil is customised with selected herbs. These herbs soothes your elevated doshas and help fight your hair fall concerns.

Thus the Khoob Vedix-Anti Hair Fall Oil: 

  • Pacifies your doshas
  • Oils your hair follicles by penetrating deep into your scalp
  • Provides moisture to your hair strands and scalp
  • Promotes healthy hair growth

Ingredients Used In Vedix Oil

Following are some herbs that are used to reduce dosha elevation in your body:

Ayurvedic Herb Functions
Kushta Helps keep your hair frizz free and silky
Methika Control the dryness and maintain the pH levels of the scalp
Krishna Tilahta Obtains fatty acids which is stimulates hair growth
Saireyaka Strengthens hair follicles
Ashwagandha Helps reduce stress and induce good sleep
Triphala Helps maintain in the smooth functioning of the digestive system

How to use the Vedix Oil

  • Take 5-15ml of oil (depending on hair length) and apply all over the scalp
  • Gently massage for 5-10 minutes
  • Leave on for at least one hour before washing with Vedix Khoob Shampoo

Why Vedix Oil A Safe Option For You

Vedix Khoob-Anti Hair Fall Oil

Vedix Khoob Anti-Hair Fall gives you SIX powerful reasons to choose it over other oils:

  1. Free from harmful chemicals such as parabens and sulfates
  2. Only the best part of the handpicked herbs are chosen. Parts such as leaves, roots, etc are discarded
  3. The handpicked herbs and thereby put through a unique and modern distillation process. In this process,the nutrient-rich part of the herb is used. 
  4. This modern distillation also makes the herb free from toxins such as mercury, lead and other chemicals. 
  5. The herb in its purest state is most productive and helps fight hair fall concern effectively.
  6. Our In-house doctors, with an experience of over 20 years in Ayurveda, have spent nearly 7,000 hours of research and testing.
  7. The Vedix oil is certified by the Department of AYUSH (Ayurveda, Yoga & Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha and Homoeopathy).

Try Vedix Customised Hair Care Regimen, exclusively crafted for your unique hair needs. Take the Vedix Dosha Assessment Questionnaire today.