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The Vedix Customised Hair Care Regimen Kit consists of three products, namely serum, oil and shampoo. The Vedix Khoob Hair Regrowth Serum is made with modern Ayurvedic techniques that helps fight hair fall.  

Hair Thinning - A Global Problem?

vedixHair thinning can lead to baldness

You are at a family function or at a party, dressed in your best attire, chilling with your loved ones. Suddenly someone spots a bald spot on your head or points at your receding hairline.

Embarrassing right?

As a young woman in her prime, it is depressing to see losing your hair each time you brush or comb it.

Hair thinning is one of the major concerns faced by young modern women everywhere.

Hair fall is a normal procedure discharged by your body. Research says that it is normal to lose 100 strands a day. By doing so, your body is making way for new hair cells. Therefore, hair fall succeeded by new hair is very normal. 

The problems rises when there is hair fall but there are not new hair growing back. That is when your hair starts thinning leading to baldness. 

We know the thought is frightening, but relax! We have got your back. 

What Causes Hair Thinning

There are many causes for hair thinning

  • Stress and anxiety
  • Persistent exposure to pollution and sun’ UV rays
  • Unhealthy diet 
  • Lifestyle choices like drinking, smoking
  • Not exercising on time
  • Harmful styling products

Your hair is the fastest growing organ, next to bone marrow. However, it is also the last organ in the body to receive nutrients that you take.

Hence when your food does not contain enough fatty acids, proteins, vitamins, and minerals, your hair, being the last organ, receives very less. They help in strengthening your hair follicles and promote new hair growth. 

When the supply is less, hair roots become weak, dry dull and in due course of time, wear off. Due to less nutrients, your hair follicles are unable to produce new hair, thereby leading to hair thinning.

Ayurveda Helps

vedixAyurveda has many techniques to reduces hair loss

Ayurveda, the world’s oldest healing system,has answers to your problems.

The human body is made of five elements - Ether, Air, Fire, Water, and Earth. These are present in the human body as doshas or tridoshas called:

  • Vata dosha - where air and ether elements is dominant
  • Pitta dosha - where fire element dominates
  • Kapha dosha - where earth and water elements is dominant

These doshas are energies that circulate and govern your body’s physiological activity, temperament and physical constitution.

If the doshas are in an equilibrium state, your health is good. But if there is a dosha imbalance, then you should be concerned.

A dosha imbalance in the human body can lead to various health issues, including hair thinning and dullness.

Vedix Khoob Hair Regrowth Serum can help you fight your hair problem. Read on to know more. 

Vedix Khoob Hair Regrowth Serum

vedixVedix Khoob Hair Regrowth Serum
  • The Vedix Khoob Hair Regrowth Serum is a water based serum that cures your weak hair follicles on a micro level. 
  • It is non-greasy and easily absorbs onto your scalp for maximum value. 
  • It maintains your pH balance and keeps your hair healthy, shiny and bouncy.

The Vedix serum is customised according to your elevated doshas. It consists of Ayurvedic herbs that are specifically handpicked to fight your hair fall issue. Some of them are as follows:

Ayurvedic Herbs



Contains antifungal, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties


Contains herbs that stimulate hair growth even in bald areas


Contains conditioning properties and controls dryness


Promotes thicker and longer hair growth


Acts as a natural pH balancing agent

How to use the Vedix Serum

  • Apply 3-5 ml of serum all over your scalp and gently massage for five minutes.
  • Use the serum on a clean and dry scalp.
  • Upon application, you can leave the serum overnight.
  • Use it alternate days.

Where Can I Get Vedix Serum?

Vedix products are available only on our website: www.vedix.com. We are neither available in any retail market nor online sites such as Amazon.com, Flipkart, snapdeal etc. 

 Follow these steps to avail your Vedix Customised Hair Care Kit:

  • Fill the Vedix Dosha Assessment Questionnaire (VDAQ).
  • Get you Ayurvedic Hair Analysis. 
  • Your serum is customised according to your dosha profile.
  • The herbs used are helps in hair regrowth.

Why Vedix Serum A Best Option For You

vedixVedix Customised Hair Care Regimen

The Vedix serum gives you SEVEN great reasons to choose it over other hair serums:

  1. Vedix serum has no parabens, sulphates, and fragrance.
  2. The product is gentle on your hair and does not cause any irritation.
  3. The herbs selected go through a unique and modern distillation process. Here, the waste parts such as leaves, roots, and toxins such as mercury and lead, etc are discarded and only the purest form is received.    
  4. You can use our serum on coloured and styled hair.
  5. Our in-house Ayurvedic experts have put in over 7,000 hours of research and testing to give you the best customised version for your unique hair.
  6. The Vedix shampoo is certified by the Department of AYUSH (Ayurveda, Yoga & Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha and Homoeopathy).
  7. More than 45,000 users have experienced positive results.

Be assured to get the best version of your hair.

Try Vedix Customised Hair Care Regimen, exclusively crafted for your unique hair needs. Take the Vedix Dosha Assessment Questionnaire today.

Vedix is a family of 2 lakh+ happy customers KNOW YOUR DOSHAS