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Vibhut Fe-Revive Capsules For Hair Growth is made with precious Ayurvedic herbs like Bhringraj, Amalaki and Krishna Tila. It is an effective solution for your hair loss. The potent herbal combination promotes strong and voluminous hair growth for people experiencing dosha imbalance in the hair tissue.

How Does Vibhut Fe-Revive Capsules Benefit Your Hair?

1. Detoxifies Your Scalp Tissues

With rich antioxidants, the capsule eliminates the toxins and free radicals present in your scalp tissues.

2. Provides Deep Nourishment To Hair

It contains vitamins and minerals, which are essential for voluminous and stronger hair growth.

3. Boosts Immunity

The deep cleansing properties of medicinal herbs present in the capsules helps your body build a stronger immune system.

4. Repairs & Rejuvenates Your Hair

The capsules help in repairing and reserving damage in your hair and scalp tissues.

5. Arrests Premature Greying

It compensates the loss of melanin (pigment) in your follicles and promotes darker hair growth.

Hand-Picked Ingredients In Vibhut Fe-Revive Capsules

1. Bhringraj

Bhringraj, which is also known as king of hair in Ayurveda, is well known for its medicinal properties to treat alopecia (hair loss) along with premature greying. With rich eclalba saponins, ursolic acid, oleanolic acid and apigenin compounds, Bhringraj aids in treating diseases related to your liver and hair.

2. Amalaki

With rich vitamin C, Amalaki ensures eradication of free radicals, which not only boost your immunity, but also helps you combat hair fall problems. Also, amla has properties to enhance your hair pigmentation.

3. Krishna Tila

With essential nutrients such as vitamin B, iron, copper, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, etc., Krishna tila nourishes your hair. And, the compounds such as sesamin and sesamolin present in the Krishna tila increases the Vitamin E absorption, which in turn results in healthy hair growth.

How To Use Vibhut Fe-Revive Capsules?

Take 1 capsule everyday, 30 minutes before bedtime.

Precautions and Contraindications:

  • Keep children aged below 14 years out of reach.
  • Avoid the intake of capsules during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

The Science Behind Vedix

Based on the ancient Ayurvedic concept of tridoshas, the status of your health and immunity depends upon the equilibrium of dominant doshas (Vata, Pitta and Kapha) in your body. The derangement of doshas leads to the imbalance of your immune system, resulting in a variety of diseases.

At vedix, our in-house Ayurvedic experts, with more than 25+ of experience, analyse your aggravated dosha levels based on your answers given in our Dosha Assessment Questionnaire.

As per your dosha profile, we present you with a natural immunity booster with customized ingredients for your unique body needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What kind of progress can I expect after a certain degree of hair thinning?

A: Some of your hair follicles may have turned into dormant (skin) follicles if you have faced excess hair thinning. To restore hair growth in the dormant follicles, it takes 4-6 months. But within 3-4 months, you can see a significant reduction in your hair loss and hair thinning.

Q: Do the capsules contain any chemicals or drugs?

A: The Vedix Vibhut Fe-Revive Capsules do not contain any drug or chemical. Our products are formulated with 100% natural ingredients.

Q: WiIl the capsules grow unwanted hair on any other parts of my body?

A: If your hormones are imbalanced, you can observe that you are losing hair on your scalp and growing hair on other parts. Vibhut Fe-Revive Capsules control the activity of your imbalanced hormones. It helps produce healthy hair on your scalp and prevents unwanted hair growth on other parts of your body.

Q: I am already taking biotin. Can I take these capsules?

A: The ingredients used in Vibhut Fe-Revive Capsules naturally have biotin content in them. So we don't recommend using it with an extra biotin capsule, as excess biotin is not good for your skin.

Q: Are there any risks in taking it with thyroid medication?

A: The three ingredients used in Vibhut Fe-Revive Capsules can support thyroid health, but they may interact with thyroid medication. Please confirm with your doctor if you want to take Vibhut Fe-Revive Capsules with your thyroid medication.

Q: Can it be used after permanent hair rebonding treatment?

A: Hair rebonding results in excessive hair loss as the chemicals used in the treatment changes the natural protein bonds of your hair strands. The Vedix Vibhut Fe-Revive Capsules helps your rebonded tresses regain strength and prevent hair loss.

Q: Will the capsules make my hair oily?

A: No. The ingredients used in the Vedix Vibhut Fe-Revive Capsules help balance the oil glands' activity on your scalp. It can manage both oily hair and dry hair.

Q: How fast can it make my hair grow every month?

A: The Vedix Vibhut Fe-Revive Capsules make your hair healthy enough to grow about 1/2 inch per month.

Q: Will my hair growth reverse after I stop taking the capsule?

A: Hair growth is not reversed because the Vedix Vibhut Fe-Revive Capsules rejuvenates your hair growth naturally by alleviating the root cause of your hair loss. The strength it provides to your hair follicles is long-lasting. However, to prolong healthy hair growth after you stop taking the pills, following a healthy lifestyle routine is essential.

Q: Will the capsule alter my natural hair texture?

A: The Vedix products contain 100% natural ingredients, which avoids the use of texture-altering chemicals. Vibhut Fe-Revive Capsules repairs your damaged hair and beautifies it without altering the natural texture of your hair.

Q: How long does it take to turn my hair back to its natural color?

A: The Vedix Vibhut Fe-Revive Capsules only prevents the occurrence of grey hair. It can not promise reversal of grey hair. Prevention of greying is also subject to other factors like genetics and age.

Why Vedix?

1. Customised For You

At Vedix, we customize the immunity boosting capsules based on your unique dosha profile, with specific herbs assigned for each Prakriti.

2. Ayurvedic Doctor Approved Formulations

Vedix immunity capsules are made up of highly balanced Ayurvedic formulations, which are approved by well experienced Ayurvedic doctors with more than 25+ years of expertise.

3. Zero Side Effects

Made from 100 % natural ingredients, Vedix immunity supplements have zero side effects.

4. Delivered At Your Doorstep

We deliver you a month’s worth of capsules at your doorstep with zero contact.

5. Money-Back Guarantee

In case you are not satisfied with the products after regular usage, we offer you a full refund with no questions asked.

Know Your Dosha Now

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