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Thank you for choosing Vedix. You can now buy our products by following the below mentioned steps:

Step 1: Get free hair analysis by taking the Vedix Dosha Assessment Questionnaire.

Step 2: Know what your elevated doshas are and our recommended products based on that.

Step 3: Order your Vedix customized regimen by clicking on the order button.

Step 4: Get your products delivered at your doorstep.

Know Your Dosha Now

Recommended Products

  • vx_combo_hair

    Vedix Customised Ayurvedic Hair Care Regimen

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  • vx_shampoo_hair

    Vedix Ayurvedic Anti-Hairfall Shampoo

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  • vx_oil_hair

    Vedix Customised Ayurvedic Anti-Hairfall Oil

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  • vx_serum_hair

    Vedix Ayurvedic Hair Regrowth Serum

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  • hairconditioner

    Vedix Vartha Hydrating No-Frizz Hair Conditioner

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  • men_regrowth_serum

    Vedix Men Care Hair Re-Growth Serum

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  • men_dryhairshampoo

    Vedix Men Care Hair Fall Control Shampoo for Dry Hair

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