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"Vedix's Customized Khoob Hair Growth Regimen are the three products (oil, shampoo and conditioner) we recommend and create for your hair growth based on your doshas. This is determind by the answers you provide in the Vedix questionnaire or dosha quiz. The regimen is available in three plans:

Vedix Customized Hair Growth Test Plan (1 Month): The trial pack is a one-month option that introduces you to the Vedix Customized Hair Growth Ayurvedic Regimen. Your customized box of Vedix shampoo, serum and oil will be delivered only once.

Vedix Customized Hair Growth Moderate Plan (3 Months): This is our recommended plan. The moderate 3-months plan gives your hair and scalp time to adjust to your new regimen and for visible changes to begin to show. As per this plan, one box containing your customized shampoo, serum and oil will be delivered per month for 3 months. All the three products will last for a month.

Vedix Customized Hair Growth Maintenance Plan (6 Months): The ultimate hair growth plan! Using Vedix's complete customized hair growth solutions for 6 months will help our products make a great and lasting impact on your hair's health and volume. One box containing the three customized products (shampoo, serum and oil) will be delivered per month for 6 months. Each product will last for a month."

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