Our Editorial Guidelines

We know that the first step of recognition and establishment is earning the trust of our readers. To earn their trust, it is essential to inform them how we work as a company and what goes behind the brand that you all love.

Our Mission

We are committed to providing trustworthy and valuable information and guidance to all our customers and readers, in the field of Ayurveda and Ayurvedic care. We are here to make Ayurveda and healthcare-related information easily accessible and understandable by you so that you can make the right decision for your health.

We deliver the information in simple language, avoiding unnecessary and difficult words that may confuse readers who visit our website in search of a solution. You will always get fact-based guidance about specific health conditions that may be of concern to you.

All Ayurvedic and healthcare-related content published on our website is checked and approved by qualified and established Ayurvedic doctors. While creating the content, our writing team consults our in-house doctors and clinicians, for evidence-based information and scientific knowledge.

We empathize With You

We believe in nurturing your trust in Vedix by putting you as our priority in every step of crafting the content. Right from picking up the topics for our articles to the language we use, we care to create content that you can resonate with. We break down the most complex topics into simple and easy-to-understand articles while we avoid unnecessary technical jargon. We strive to be relatable by using clear, conversational, and compassionate language to bring you genuinely helpful solutions and best practices that get you results.

Our Principles


The Ayurvedic information present on the Vedix website is always accurate and transparent. All the information provided is based on the sources and evidence collected from extensive scientific research and guidance from a team of established doctors.

Diverse Opinion

No partial or judgemental information is published on our website. If any topic that we are dealing with has a diversity of opinion, we provide all aspects of the information for the readers to decide which opinion they want to follow.


Vedix is always open to the feedback of our readers. Thus, we work on every small and major feedback and make it a point to make the required additions and changes to our content in order to give you the best articles.

Readability & Sensitivity

All the content that is provided on the Vedix website is written and structured in a way that it can be read and understood by the general audience. We take extra care about the fact that our content does not offend or disrespect any community. Even when we talk about sexual health issues, our content is edited with sensitivity.

Content Standards

Our professional and dedicated content team has a clear list of priorities, which is to provide accurate, balanced, and one-of-a-kind information. Our writers are advised to strictly not have biases towards any products or services.

Content Process

The content is created, fact-checked, and reviewed by a team of experienced writers, editors, and Ayurvedic doctors. Our medical fact-checking team not only has a vivid knowledge of Ayurveda but also specializes in a wide range of medical specialties, with experience in clinical practice and research. All writers and editorial staff are frequently provided with professional and developmental training and certification courses to keep up with the industry standards.

Sources & References

For references, sources and citations, we have a strict protocol i.e. to follow authentic academic research institutions, government agencies, and medical teams. Each and every article is well researched and sources are verified to ensure they are objective and timely.

Staying Current & Up-To-Date

Our editorial team continuously monitors the healthcare industry and its ever-changing and growing information and discoveries. Our content is constantly updated following:

  • Changes in medical guidelines
  • Changes in academic research paper information
  • Customer feedback
Our Writers

The style of our writing is progressive, professional, and simple. Our writers undergo extensive training on Ayurveda and have a deep understanding of doshas that influence our overall health, herbs that can cure major to minor concerns, and the best natural treatments for your beauty and wellness problems. The writers also put in hours of research for every article that is brought to you. They focus on simplicity, accuracy, empathy, and equality. They use positive sentences, avoiding the use of derogatory terms for any disease that may have a social stigma attached to it.


Once the content is submitted by our writers, it also gets clearance from the following people before getting published:

- Clinical Team: The content must be approved by the internal clinical assurance team of Ayurvedic doctors.

- Policy Clarence: The content must also adhere to the rules and regulations that we need to follow as a healthcare brand.

- Editing Team: Further, the editing team conducts thorough checks on the grammar, spellings structure, images, readability, accountability, and format.

Feedback From You

Your feedback is the most important source of reference for us when it comes to improving the quality of our content. You can provide us your feedback by:

Commenting on our blog comment section and social media pages.

By directly contacting our team and sharing your views.

If you have any questions or queries regarding our products or our content, feel free to Contact Us

Our Writers

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