Vedix Customised Ayurvedic Anti-Hairfall Oil

Trusted & Used By 15,00,000+ Indians

  • Formulated with over 14+ Ayurvedic herbs
  • Helps arrest hair fall by strengthening hair roots
  • Rejuvenates hair follicles and promotes healthy hair growth

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Made according to ancient Ayurveda, this oil is infused with Amalakai, Bhringraj, Karanji, & over 12+ herbs to help with all your hair troubles.

The quick absorbing formula helps it penetrate deep into the scalp and improves blood circulation to the scalp, making your roots stronger to reduce hair loss. It also helps slow down build up of pollution/ dandruff etc; by keeping the scalp moisturised. With ingredients known to help make hair denser, it will improve the strength and quality of your hair.


  • Deeply conditions hair
  • Prevents hair loss & breakage
  • Improves volume & texture
  • Prevents dandruff & flaking
  • Nourishes even chemically treated hair

How To Use

Oil: Take 5-15ml of oil (depending on hair length) and apply all over the scalp. Gently massage for 5-10 minutes. Leave on for at least one hour before washing with Vedix Shampoo.


"I’ve tried expensive products to home care remedies but nothing worked like Vedix"

Vedix Sima Agarwala, Hyderabad

This oil works like magic on my hair. Totally worth it, bhringraj in this oil has been the best ingredient. It has improved my hair growth and even reduced hair fall. Very soothing to apply, it provided the correct care to my dull, lifeless, weak hair and tired scalp, Over weeks of use it has transformed their texture and health. I'm very satisfied with this product.

"My hair is healthy and strong because of Vedix"

Vedix Gayatri Madhavan, Chicago

My hair is curly but it had a lot of frizz, making it unmanageable . I always had it in a bun because otherwise it just looked like a mess.but this oil was a game changer. I didnt realise my frizz was because my hair was drying out . Packed with all the natural benefits this oil.keeps my hair frizz free and hair breakage is long gone now. And all this in such a short time! Amazing product overall!

"What’s better than customised hair care regimen? It’s literally made for your hair!"

Vedix Rushi Jaiswal, Pune

I'm new to this brand. It arrived last week. I have applied for it 2 times till now. The oil smells really nice & not very sticky. I noticed my hair felt softer & cleaner after washing off the oil.With other oils my hair used to get a little dry after washing but not with this one. Hope for best results.. I will update more after using it for a month.

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