What Makes Vedix Customized Products Ideal For Your Hair?

At Vedix, we’ve spent the last 2 ½ years with hair care specialists (including Ayurvedic doctors and Ayurvedic formulation experts), as well as 600 Indian women across the country.

The research conducted is in an effort to better understand your hair fall, as well as other hair issues, and the best way to address those issues with the ideal Ayurvedic products.

What We’ve Learnt About Caring For Hair The Right Way

Your Ideal Hair Care Products Should Match Your Dosha Balance (Prakruti)
The most important finding is that your ideal hair care products have to be based on your inherent body type, also known as your “Prakruti.” Your prakruti is essentially the balance of your tridoshas - Vata, Pitta & Kapha. Any imbalance in your unique doshas characteristics leads to problems such as hairfall, brittle hair, lack of texture etc, as well as any other diseases.
 This is because your hair, scalp and other elements of your body are directly related to your Prakruti and its uniqueness. Your unique Prakruti defines the characteristics, nature and behavior of your unique scalp and hair type.

Generic Treatments Don’t Address The Root Cause Of Hair Fall & Problems
Any and all treatments involving your hair will not have much effect unless they address the root cause. This is because your imbalanced doshas - caused by lifestyle, diet, stress, sleep, pollution and other day-to-day factors are the root cause of hair problems.
 Addressing their root causes by using treatments with the right mix of Ayurvedic herbs and ingredients helps the problem go away naturally, safely and from the root.

Hair Growth Depends On Scalp Health
The healthier your scalp, the better the hair growth. Multiple factors like hair fall, dandruff, shine, softness of the hair strand, dullness, frizziness, split-ends, and more are a direct result of scalp maintenance and health.

Balanced Doshas = Not Just Stopping Hairfall, But Also Healthy Scalp & Hair
Balancing your inherent doshas, also known as your ‘body constitution’ holds the key to two critical hair care goals:

  1. Improving your scalp health to the ideal level
  2. Maintaining your scalp health at the ideal level

Your doshas hold the key to both of these hair goals as doshas, when in a balanced state, will bring your scalp back to its ideal state and a healthy scalp helps in arresting hair fall and promoting hair growth.

Start By Knowing Your Doshas

Customization + High Quality Ingredients + Dosha Re-Balancing = Perfect Hair Care Products

Vedix brings you the ideal hair care products.

That’s why, as India's Only Customized Ayurvedic Hair Care:

  •  Vedix gets a detailed picture of your inherent body type or Prakruti through our Ayurvedic-doctor approved Dosha Assessment Questionnaire
  •  Vedix recommends the ideal customized products for your scalp and hair based on your inputs
  •  Vedix’s unique tracking system helps us understand and give your imbalanced doshas the right match of specific ingredients in your customized products
  •  Vedix is 3-step product approach, which helps in nourishing the scalp, cleansing the scalp of toxins and strengthening the roots with the use of natural herbal extracts
  •  Vedix’s 100% natural herbal formulations ensure that all of your hair care needs and requirements are met
  •  Vedix is free from SLES, Parabens and other harmful chemicals, which are harmful for hair and scalp
Start By Knowing Your Doshas

Get Your Own Customized Products In 2 Simple Steps. Really.

If you’re worried that customized hair care sounds like a lot of work, relax. It’s incredibly easy.

All you need to do is:

  1. Know Your Ideal Products With The Vedix Dosha Assessment Questionnaire
  2. Get Your Unique Hair Care Products

That’s it.

And all from the comfort of your home!

Start By Knowing Your Doshas

- Kritika Subramaniam, 25 - Graphic Designer

"I'll Never Have To Experiment With My Hair Care Products Again"

"I really loved the care and the effort they took to understand my doshas. I am loving my customized products, and I’m happy to know that what goes on my scalp is the safest, purest and best possible products I can be using.

I didn’t understand why I was losing so much hair before, despite using many expensive products. Thanks to Vedix, now I understand why. I'll never have to experiment with my hair care products, again."

Start By Knowing Your Doshas

Is There More?

Yes, there is in fact a lot more. Our research into this topic has enabled us to tweak our process and products in both big and small ways - so that you get just the perfect products you need for your hair every day of the month, and every month of the year.


But that information is reserved for people who take our Vedix Dosha Assessment Questionnaire, and for those who have experienced the delight of using products that have been customized for their unique hair and its unique needs.

You can experience the same today by taking the Vedix Dosha Assessment Questionnaire

Start By Knowing Your Doshas