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Ayurvedic Formulations

Vedix strives to follow the right ayurvedic path and makes its products the right way. Vedix products are made with authentic Ayurvedic herbs and follow the ancient proven formulations of Ayurveda.

Customised For You

At Vedix, you cannot simply choose your products. We first get an understanding of your unique hair profile through our hair quiz and then recommend you products which are meant just for you.

Designed By Experts

Vedix has been designed after 7000+ hours of research by our team of Ayurvedic doctors & formulators. This ensures the complete accuracy, effectiveness and safety of our product.

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Kiran S




My Hair was dry, scanty on the crown portion and brittle. It's over 15days I am using Vedix and the results are surprising. My hair on 2 felt strong, heavy & hair fall reduced. I have regained good hair volume and shiny silky hair. No hair products could do this miracle.. Vedix really a marvelous solution for your hair problems.




Really happy with vedix

This products are really good... ultimate solution for all hair problem..I'm using this products for 1 month,there is change in hairfall, improved hair texture...n also growing...but pls increase the quantity of hair serum....n thanks to vedix for such a wonderful products




Awesome product !!

The shampoo did a great work on my hair..  I've got an wonderful results ❣ 
I just fall in love with d product... 
Worth a try. Hope it continues till last




I am one of the happy customers

It's been only 2 weeks that I have used Vedix products. But I can definitely see a great change in the hair fall. Hair fall has reduced a lot is what I can say. Would definitely continue my journey with Vedix. :) :)

Priyanka Chavan



Best products

All the products provided by Vedix are awesome. My hair fall has been reduced and thickness of hair is increasing day by day. I do find my hair now more manageable. Thank you Vedix team.

Karishma V



Hair feels so soft and smooth. My hair length has also increased and hair fall is much more controlled than before. Tried Vedix on a friends suggestion and now I would recommend Vedix to all the girls who want to change their hair game.




A Happy Customer

It’s been a month only and I must say the results are Truly magical 
Thank you Vedix 
Controlled my hairfall by 60% 
Best part is no need to use any conditioner 
Post shampoo hair feels shiny and smooth

Hand Picked Ingredients Packaged With Care Just For You

Vedix understands how important your hair is to you and makes sure that it gets the best treatment that it deserves.

Our products are not generic formulations with a group of ingredients which are used by thousands of people. At Vedix, each and every herb is chosen to go into your product after a thorough analysis of your answers in the Vedix questionnaire to make our formulations safe & effective. 

 So, when you order your Vedix box, you can be sure that every ingredient present in your oil is picked just for you!

Holistic Hair Care With Your Box Of Vedix

Anti- Hair Fall Oil

The first step to your holistic ayurvedic hair treatment, this oil is customised with herbs specific to your doshas. The formulation penetrates deep into your scalp and helps arrest hair fall.

Anti-Hair Fall Shampoo

This gentle shampoo effectively cleanses your scalp and helps maintain the ideal pH balance in your scalp. It is also free from any kind of harmful chemicals like sulphates or parabens.

Hair Regrowth Serum

Our lightweight, non sticky serum promotes hair growth by penetrating into your scalp bed and expanding hair follicles. The serum also helps keep your hair shiny, healthy & bouncy.

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