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Vedix Vedix Get Thicker Hair Growth With Vedix Customized Hair Growth Regimen Start By Knowing Your Hair Type

Can you relate to any of the following things?

  • "I don’t understand why do I have hair fall"
  • "Why do I have oily scalp?"
  • Why does my hair fall off randomly?"
  • "Do weather/seasonal changes affect my hair?"
  • "How do i stop my hair from falling?"

If your answer is ‘yes’ to even one of them, then you’re not the only one. These are real statements taken from women who live among us and struggle with hair issues, everyday.

Women across India are wondering why they are losing hair, despite using hair products that promise to cure the issue.

This is what we all need to understand about hair fall- Hair Fall is NOT the problem here.

You read that right!

There is something else that is causing hair fall and it is pretty big news to a lot of people. We will tell you what this big reason is.

But before we get to that part, here’s something you need to know about your current hair care products.

Wondering Why Your Current Hair Products Are Disappointing You?

VedixUrban India is losing hair faster than ever

Supermarkets and general stores are stacked with hair growth oils and products that claim to stop hair fall and/or give hair growth.

However, if you are struggling with hair fall, you must be fully aware of the fact that these products just don’t work.

To understand why, all you need to do is to turn the bottle around and read the label. It’s very easy to realise that they’re all selling the same thing!

99% of the time, the generic hair oils and products that you would find in a store have the very same ingredients and general formulation.

These watered down, one-size-fits all, mass-market products:

  1. do not match your unique hair requirements
  2. do not address the root cause of your hair fall
  3. and do not make any difference in your problem or your life.

Why are you not able to grow hair with these products, you ask? Simple. Your hair type is so unique, ordinary products just aren’t doing it any favors.

What Makes Your Hair Unique?

Ayurveda defined different types of hair into 3 basic and fundamental categories, based on the hair’s very nature.

If your hair is fine, frizzzy, tends to be dry and easily falls of, your hair is dominated by Vata- A body humor which carries the characteristics of Air and Sky energies.

If your hair is silky, straight and tends to grey easily, then your hair is dominated by Pitta - A body humor which carries the characteristics of Fire energy.

If your hair is dark, greasy but strong and curly, your hair is dominated by Kapha -   A body humor which carries the characteristics of Water and Earth energies.

A wide range of variations of these hair types are also covered in these 3 categories, which makes everyone’s hair type that much more unique. For example, we may just say curly hair, but there are types of curly hair based on their texture,size, shape and growth.

Vedix Vedix Different hair types need different care

A lot of women in the world have the same hair issue but the magnitude of the issue, the root cause, the hair’s nature and much more are different from everyone else’s.

This is why what may work for your own blood-sister, may not work for you.

Each individual’s hair needs are different and unique to themselves. Including YOU!

Your unique hair type, unlike anyone else’s has its own unique properties. Your hair can be a Vata dominant or a Kapha dominant or Vata-Kapha dominant.

Defining and understanding these characteristics about hair, helps one choose the right approach to take care of hair and steer away from the ingredients and products ,that do no favor for your unique hair type.

Now, because your hair type is unique, the approach to treat your hair issue is also unique.

How Ayurveda Treats Different Hair Types Differently?

If your hair is dominated by Vata,  your hair & scalp  tend to experience the imbalances of this very body humour, such as

  • dehydrated scalp,
  • weakened roots,
  • dry hair,
  • frizziness and much more.

To counter this, your scalp needs certain ingredients (herbal extracts), which can help solve these issues, naturally. For a dry and dehydrated scalp, your products need to be heavy on hydrating ingredients.

If your hair is dominated by Pitta, your hair & scalp  tend to experience the imbalances of this very body humour, such as

  • premature greying,
  • dandruff caused by heat on scalp,
  • weakened roots caused by overheat,
  • greasiness and much more.

To counter this, your scalp needs certain ingredients (herbal extracts), which can help solve these issues, naturally. For a scalp that’s overheated, your products need to have scalp coolant ingredients and dandruff scraping agents.  

If your hair is dominated by Kapha,  your hair & scalp  tend to experience the imbalances of this very body humour, such as

  • dullness,
  • oiliness,
  • scalp infections,
  • itchiness,
  • excess scalp sweat and more.

To counter this, your scalp needs certain ingredients (herbal extracts), which can help solve these issues, naturally. For a scalp that produces excess sebum, your products need to have ingredients  (herbal extracts), which can control the excess sebum production on the scalp and agents, which can bring back the life to your hair.

So, for you to great hair and healthy growth, you need a regimen that fits your hair type and adjusts naturally to your scalp’s predominant nature. It’s pretty easy to do. Especially, with Vedix. Keep reading to find out.

Start By Knowing Your Hair Type

Vedix 3-Step Solution To Fix The Hair Fall Issue, Easily!

1Instantly Get Your Ayurvedic Hair Profile With Our Doctor-Approved Ayurvedic Hair Type Questionnaire

It’s easy to understand what’s triggering your hair fall through this questionnaire. All you need to do is to tap your inputs in our Vedix Hair Type Assessment Questionnaire and you’ll get your free Ayurvedic hair analysis with our breakthrough, Ayurvedic doctor-approved, Vedix Hair Type Assessment Questionnaire.

2Fix Your Hair Fall By Addressing Hair Fall Triggers

Imbalances in scalp health triggers your hair fall. An unhealthy scalp often results in weakened hair roots, followed by hair fall. Address this with the right herbal extracts. Herbal extracts are major hair trigger-pacifiers and help in reversing hair fall, according to Ayurveda.

3Hair Growth With One-Of-A-Kind Personalized Regimen

Vedix will curate a regimen of oil, shampoo and serum that has the right herbs, which are required for your unique hair type. These products specifically work on your hair fall triggers and help your scalp grow hair naturally.

Start By Knowing Your Hair Type

What’s In Your Vedix Box?

1. Vedix Khoob Customized Anti-Hair Fall Oil

Your Vedix Khoob Anti-Hair Fall Oil:

  • Is customized with specific herbs chosen to alleviate your elevated Doshas.
  • Is formulated with 14 Essential “Kesha Dravya” Ayurvedic Herbs known to significantly boost hair growth
  • Immediately lubricates the hair follicles and scalp bed
  • Moisturizes the hair strands and the scalp, and penetrates deep into the hair follicle to start working
  • start infusing quick-absorbing & beneficial herbs onto your scalp, stimulating hair growth

2. Vedix Khoob Hair Growth Serum

Nourishing your scalp along with giving it some much needed hydration is essential post a hair wash. This is why, one needs a Vedix’s Hair Growth serum, that not only boosts hair growth but also provides nourishment to the scalp and hair roots.

The serum:

  • Penetrates into your scalp bed and expands the hair follicles, promoting hair growth
  • Is quick absorbing and non-greasy
  • Comes with a easy-to-use pipette dropper for easy application on the scalp
  • Helps maintain the scalp's pH balance with the synergistic effect of the ingredients
  • Brings lustre and shine to the hair
  • Keeps hair bouncy and healthy

3. Vedix Khoob Anti-Hair Fall Shampoo

Cleansing your hair and scalp after oiling is the best way to get rid of the excess grim, dirt, bacteria, and the oil production from your scalp and hair lengths.

Your custom Vedix Khoob Anti-Hair Fall Shampoo:

  • Cleanses your hair and scalp of dirt, pollution, grime, bacteria and excess oils
  • Is free of all harmful ingredients like sulfates and parabens
  • Is a natural coconut-surfactant shampoo
  • Is completely free of synthetic soaps
  • Maintains your scalp’s pH balance, thus protecting hair and it’s roots
  • Is gentle on your hair and does not strip away the benefits of Vedix Khoob Customized Oil

Note: Every product in Vedix’s Regimen is completely free of toxins, parabens, SLES and harmful chemicals.

Start By Knowing Your Hair Type

Vedix Captures The Essence Of 5000 Years Of Medical Practice

  • Vedix Is Based On The Customized Approach Taken By Ayurveda
  • The Vedix Dosha Assessment Questionnaire Is Ayurvedic Doctor Approved and Built Over 2 Years Of Testing
  • Vedix Features Clinically Tested & Proven Effective Formulations
  • Every Vedix Product Has Been Carefully Created By Ayurvedic Physicians With Over 5 Decades Of Combined Experience
  • Vedix Uses 49 Specially Chosen & Beneficial Ayurvedic Herbs That & 100% Natural And Promote Hair Growth
Start By Knowing Your Hair Type

Vedix Is A 100% Safe, Natural & Chemical Free Ayurvedic Formulation!

  • Plant Based Ingredients
  • No Side Effects
  • No Harmful Chemicals
  • Skin and Hair Friendly
  • Verified Studies and Illustrations
  • Result-Oriented Mechanism
  • Cruelty Free
  • No Animal Testing
Start By Knowing Your Hair Type

Thousands Of Women Across India Love & Use Vedix Every Day!

*Disclaimer: The results may vary for person to person.

Start By Knowing Your Hair Type