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Vedix’s customised hair care products have made it into the lives of thousands of women who love their hair and want to keep it naturally strong and long.

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87% Of Vedix Customers Gave It A 5 Star Rating!




It's awesome

"I came across Vedix while browsing one day, and even though I had never heard of them, I answered the questions and ordered my products out of desperation. "I was really surprised to see that something was finally working on my hair.I recommend Vedix to all my family and friends. There is no turning back from here. Thank you Vedix!"

Rupali Chanda



Hair fall solution

I am using vedix from last 2weeks and I can see improvement in my hair texture with controlled hair fall.Thank you vedix for such a solution at reasonable price.




Vedix- A wonderful product ❤️

An amazing product I've ever experienced❤. Since it is an ayurvedic product,it has no side effects nor chemical mixed ....It is a customised one.. Many changes happened after I started using the product.. Thank you so much for this wonderful product... 😍💜 Really in love with this 😍❤️

Ruthika Rose




I've been using this Vedix past a month and I'm able to make out the difference, i feel my hair volume ness and the small stands are also growing very fast, now I've just got my sec box, thankyou vedix, I recommend it to everyone. Its worth it.

Sanchita senapati



Awesome product

It's a awesome product. I use it from last one month,it stopped hair fall and i feel my hair is growing.I am really very satisfied to use this.





Awesome product

I liked the vedix box.. its very good...Yes i complete trust on Vedix product which make reduce almost stop my hairfall and improve the texture of my hair..... I recommend for everyone to use it. Thank u vedix.....👍

Manita Tamang



Worked best for me.

Stop my hair fall drastically like from the first wash itself. When I first opened serum I thought it's so watery and it smelled bad too but when I applied on my hair I was like dude it's too good and the oil.. oh god! Oil is All that I ever wanted... I mean it's smells so healthy and nutritious . About the shampoo... Smell is good and cleanse your scalp completely. Vedix does makes your hair little dry but any hair serum after hair washing will fix it. My dandruff is totally gone. Hair fall has reduced 80%. Reviewing after using 20days religiously.

Priya Dharunte



Vedix is best friend of my hair

It really helps my hair look Beautiful. My hair fall reduced to the minimum. I am really happy with this product. Now my hair looks shinier and healthier. Thanks Vedix!

Akhila M G



Best product you will ever have...

Only few days ago I got a product and the results were amazing. my hair fall just vanished in the first use .thankyou Vedix. thanks a lot.😍😍😍

Gayathri Kodavaluru



Genuine product ever!

I've been using vedix since 4 months. And I should say it's the best hair care regime I've used so far. I've been on immunosuppresants for quite a bit. And I've lost 70% of my hair volume due to these medications. I was so devastated at that time. And one day while I was scrolling through some social media I found this. I just want to give it a try and that is literally the best decisiom I've taken. Within 4 months I almost regained my normal hair volume again. Just answer the questionnaire correctly and you'll get amazing product for your hair.

*Disclaimer: The results may vary for person to person.

Know Your Hair

My hair fall was so severe a few months ago that it felt like a proper nightmare. But after using Vedix, I don’t have hair fall at all.Smiray

After dealing with hair fall for a really long time I found Vedix customised products. Vedix actually works and is really cost effective!Gunjan Bhatia

I really thought I was out of options for my hair but Vedix gave me my good hair back!Ayushi

How Vedix Solves The Hair Care Problem



Get A Detailed Hair Analysis With The Dosha Assessment Questionnaire

Answer simple questions about your hair, body, lifestyle, preferences and such to help us assess your Unique Dosha Profile*



Get Your Customised Daily Hair Care Regimen

Choose a package according to your preferred subscription and book your custom Vedix Custom Hair Care Regimen Box



Get Closer To Realising Your Hair Goals

With Vedix, regular check-ins and follow ups ensure that your hair always gets what it needs.

Vedix Assurance: Safer, Better & Customised Hair Care Products - Home Delivered!

At Vedix, we care about your safety and take precautionary measures to avoid any type of contamination in our ingredients, formulations, packaging or delivery.

Our 5 step screening process helps us ensure that every Vedix box that reaches your doorstep is absolutely safe for use and that there’s minimal human contact with the actual products.


Step 1: Safe Extraction Of Ingredients

All Vedix ingredients are safely extracted and are thoroughly tested for toxins. No ingredient is used in the formulation until and unless it passes the safety tests and is found fit for use.

Step 2: No Touch Manufacturing Process

Not only does the manufacturing equipment undergo regular cleaning everyday but our formulators also keep themselves absolutely sterile. There is no direct contact between our workers and your unique formulation.

Step 3: Made Just For You

At Vedix, we believe that bulk manufacturing not only reduces the efficacy of the products but also increases the chances for contamination. Hence to avoid this and to guarantee the efficacy of our products, we formulate products just for you when you place the order!

Step 4: Home Delivered

We understand that you might be worried about leaving your house and also about the things reaching your door. But at Vedix, we’ve got you covered. Your Vedix box is home delivered in a secure package and is absolutely safe for use.

Step 5: Cashless Transactions

To avoid any sort of contamination due to the exchange of cash (physical currency notes), we have extensive prepaid payments options available. You can safely pay for your order via net banking, credit/debit cards, online wallets and more.

Know Your Hair

What’s In Your Vedix Box?

1. Vedix Customised Anti-Hair Fall Oil

Your Vedix Anti-Hair Fall Oil:

  • Is Customised with specific herbs chosen to alleviate your elevated Doshas.
  • Immediately lubricates the hair follicles and scalp bed
  • Moisturizes the hair strands and the scalp, and penetrates deep into the hair follicle to start working

2. Vedix Hair Growth Serum

Your Vedix Hair Regrowth Serum

  • Penetrates into your scalp bed and expands the hair follicles, promoting hair growth
  • Is quick absorbing and non-greasy
  • Keeps hair bouncy and healthy

3. Vedix Anti-Hair Fall Shampoo

Your custom Vedix Anti-Hair Fall Shampoo:

  • Cleanses your hair and scalp of dirt, pollution, grime, bacteria and excess oils
  • Is free of all harmful ingredients like sulfates and parabens
  • Maintains your scalp’s pH balance, thus protecting hair and it’s roots

Note: Every product in Vedix’s Regimen is completely free of toxins, parabens, SLES and harmful chemicals.

Know Your Hair

Vedix Captures The Essence Of 5000 Years Of Medical Practice

  • Vedix Is Based On The Customised Approach Taken By Ayurveda
  • The Vedix Dosha Assessment Questionnaire Is Ayurvedic Doctor Approved and Built Over 2 Years Of Testing
  • Vedix Features Clinically Tested & Proven Effective Formulations
  • Every Vedix Product Has Been Carefully Created By Ayurvedic Physicians With Over 5 Decades Of Combined Experience
  • Vedix Uses 49 Specially Chosen & Beneficial Ayurvedic Herbs That & 100% Natural And Promote Hair Growth
Know Your Hair

Everyone Is Talking About Vedix’s Customised Hair Care!

Kiran S




My Hair was dry, scanty on the crown portion and brittle. It's over 15days I am using Vedix and the results are surprising. My hair on 2 felt strong, heavy & hair fall reduced. I have regained good hair volume and shiny silky hair. No hair products could do this miracle.. Vedix really a marvelous solution for your hair problems.




Really happy with vedix

This products are really good... ultimate solution for all hair problem..I'm using this products for 1 month,there is change in hairfall, improved hair texture...n also growing...but pls increase the quantity of hair serum....n thanks to vedix for such a wonderful products




Awesome product !!

The shampoo did a great work on my hair..  I've got an wonderful results ❣ 
I just fall in love with d product... 
Worth a try. Hope it continues till last




I am one of the happy customers

It's been only 2 weeks that I have used Vedix products. But I can definitely see a great change in the hair fall. Hair fall has reduced a lot is what I can say. Would definitely continue my journey with Vedix. :) :)

Priyanka Chavan



Best products

All the products provided by Vedix are awesome. My hair fall has been reduced and thickness of hair is increasing day by day. I do find my hair now more manageable. Thank you Vedix team.

Karishma V



Hair feels so soft and smooth. My hair length has also increased and hair fall is much more controlled than before. Tried Vedix on a friends suggestion and now I would recommend Vedix to all the girls who want to change their hair game.




A Happy Customer

It’s been a month only and I must say the results are Truly magical 
Thank you Vedix 
Controlled my hairfall by 60% 
Best part is no need to use any conditioner 
Post shampoo hair feels shiny and smooth

Know Your Hair

Vedix Wins The Cosmo Beauty Awards - 2019 Edition!

vedixWe wrapped up the Cosmo beauty awards 2019 with the Best Product For Hair Volume!

Vedix Is A 100% Safe, Natural & Chemical Free Ayurvedic Formulation!

  • Plant Based Ingredients
  • No Side Effects
  • No Harmful Chemicals
  • Skin and Hair Friendly
  • Verified Studies and Illustrations
  • Result-Oriented Mechanism
  • Cruelty Free
  • No Animal Testing
Know Your Hair
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