Meet Our Team

We, at Vedix, are committed to bring the best of Ayurveda’s powerful remedies into your everyday lives. We are firm followers of ancient Ayurvedic texts that revolve around holistic healing through nature’s most treasured gifts - plants.

Our Ayurvedic research has concluded that each one of you is distinct, with unique prakritis and doshas. Thus, each herb works differently to pacify and cure your individual health concerns. Unwaveringly, we apply these age-old concepts in our product formulations as well as in the educational articles.

Our dedicated team of experts dig deep into the very core and foundation of Ayurveda, to bring you products and content of the highest quality and authenticity. This means, every article you read on our website is medically fact-checked before they reach your screens.

Dr. Zeel Gandhi,

Ayurvedic Doctor (Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine & Surgery)

A strong proponent of holistic solutions and treating diseases from the root, Dr. Gandhi is our in-house expert for internal medicine, Panchakarma therapies, Yoga and Ayurvedic nutrition. Having graduated as a top ranker from Dr. D.Y.Patil College of Ayurveda and Research Centre, Navi Mumbai, she now leads the product formulations at Vedix. Dr. Gandhi also reviews our editorial content, besides adding valuable insights from her vast knowledge of Ayurvedic principles and treatments.

Dr. Gandhi truly believes that Ayurveda consciousness is an excellent way to maintain good health, cure and prevent diseases. She feels everyone should experience the enriching feel of Ayurveda and savour the natural balance of their body, mind and soul. She also writes extensively on Ashtanga Yoga, Panchakarma, Ayurvedic herbs and simple adjustments in daily life that attune you to the natural circadian rhythm.

Kalyani Hari

Ayurveda Writer (Bachelor of Technology)

Kalyani, an engineer-turned-writer, is deeply passionate about sharing the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda with the world. She conducts extensive research on the traditional uses of plants in enhancing natural health and well-being. She also enjoys learning about scientific studies that establish the healing qualities of herbs.

Kalyani feels the best way to understand Ayurveda is to experience it. Integrating her love for storytelling and sustainable living, she writes for Vedix, covering diverse topics under Ayurvedic hair care and health solutions. A travel lover, Kalyani is also doing research on emotions in digital communications.

Sharmistha Maji

Editor (PG Diploma, Journalism)

Sharmistha strongly believes that nature has the answer to everything, and an inexplicable power to heal everyone. Besides her love for the plants, animals and all of the natural world, she brings on board 7+ years of lifestyle journalism experience and a postgraduate degree from one of the country’s best J-schools, IIJNM-Bangalore.

While her sharp eyes and editing skills always manage to spot errors, Sharmistha’s keen interest in the Ayurvedic lifestyle helps her bring out the truest essence of Ayurveda in our editorial content. When she is away from her work desk, you will often spot her gazing at the distant sky, the birds chirping away and the greenery around (wherever she manages to find some).