Vedix Wellness Supplements For Better Skin, Hair & Health


In Ayurveda natural elements found in nature are used in maintaining a healthy and happy life. Time-tested knowledge on preventive care, derives from the concepts of “Dinacharya” - an everyday routine that is formulated with plant-based science.

We at Vedix understand that in this day and age it's hard to maintain a healthy lifestyle to naturally fight diseases. In order for you to maintain an overall wellness, Ayurvedic experts at Vedix analyse your elevated Doshas based on your inputs given in the Dosha Assessment Questionnaire. They then put together a 100% natural wellness supplements kit especially for you!


Doshas And Their Influence On Wellness


Elevated Doshas result in illness and diseases in areas they regulate, moderate and control. Immune system being one of the regulating areas, elevated doshas in the immune system leads to an abnormal environment.

Vata Dosha When Elevated:

Abnormal Vata Dosha affects strength and complexion. It causes derangement of the immune system that causes diseases.

Pitta Dosha When Elevated:

Elevated Pitta Dosha results in indigestion and disturbs the metabolism leading to development of diseases.

Kapha Dosha When Elevated:

Abnormal and vitiation of kapha greatly alters the immune system by disturbing its natural functions, resulting in diseases.


An Ayurvedic Fix with Vedix

Say goodbye to unwanted toxins with Vedix Detox and Gut Health ingestibles. The six organs of the body that need detox from built up toxins are liver, kidneys, lungs, skin, lymph and colon. Vedix Supplements for Detox and Gut Health are formulated by our Ayurvedic experts based on your Dosha Analysis.

Vedix, along with boosting your immune system helps improve your other areas of concern such as hair, skin, heart and lungs. The herbs and natural elements that are used to help improve your overall health are traditionally known for their healing properties.


Detox and Gut health- Vata Kapha

Vedix Vata Kapha detox and gut supplements are formulated with elements like Amla and Shunti that are rich in antibacterial elements. It supports healthy digestion and regular bowel movements.

Detox and Gut health- Kapha Pitta

Vedix Kapha Pitta detox and gut health ingestibles are rich in ayurvedic essentials like Haridra and Triphala. It helps strengthen the immune system, maintain blood sugar levels and more.

Detox and Gut health- Pitta Vata

Vedix Kapha Pitta detox and gut health ingestibles are packed with natural ingredients such as Nimba and Patola. It supports healthy digestion by getting rid of unwanted toxins.


Vedix Lung Ingestible

Formulated with natural elements such as Vasaka, Amrita and more. It boosts the overall respiratory health, and removes toxins built up in the lungs resulting in easy breathing.

Vedix Hair Ingestible

Vedix hair ingestible is made with natural elements that are rich in vitamins C, B & E prevent hair damage and promote growth.

Vedix Heart Ingestible

Vedix Heart Ingestible is packed with traditionally proven essentials such as Rasona and Arjuna that help improve the blood flow through arteries, reduce clots, protect heart muscles and more.

Vedix Skin Ingestible

Made with Ayurvedic trusted ingredients such as Musta, Nimba and Patola Vedix Skin Ingestible helps control acne and maintain natural complexion of the skin.