Skincare That’s Actually Formulated For Indian Men.

Suited for your lifestyle.

India’s 1st Skincare Designed For Mens’ Skin

Vedix is my skin care secret and the reason why I stay looking youthful. Skincare made for me is easy, simple & effective.
- Tejas

Why Choose Vedix

Men are often left with no choice other than to choose womens skincare to help them combat their skin issues.

Their skin being fundamentally different from women, such products fail and may even end up causing more damage.

Vedix products are formulated by experienced doctors with time-tested natural ingredients backed by the ancient science of Ayurveda. What makes Vedix unique is the customization of the formulation to suit the needs of each individual & that of men.

Vedix understands your skin with the help of a simple skin quiz. By analyzing your skin type, skin concerns and lifestyle, Vedix customises the Ayurvedic regimen best suited for you.

Results After Just One Use

“I noticed a difference immediately after using the foaming cleanser after one use, there’s no oily residue & cleansing good without stripping my skin or it feeling dry.”

Vedix For You

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Let Customers Speak For Us

Wonderful Product

I was not sure about the product at first. But after I started using the product I am very Happy and Satisfied. It is really working on my skin and I am very satisfied with the products. While riding the bike I get all dirt & pollution on my face, Vedix cleans it 1 go!

Sai Krishna

Best For Pimples

You wouldn’t believe how bad my skin was , I would wake with new pimples everyday and my face was red all the time. This was really affecting me, so I looked for solutions. But most of these things were made for women, Vedix was the only brand I saw which was made for men. My skin is so clear now & it’s because of Vedix.

Shubham Bhandari

Great Products & Easy To Use

Bought it recently. I’m seeing results after 2 weeks of use & it’s great! My skin looks clearer and my tan has lightened. I saw maximum improvement on my forehead, it was very sunburnt. I recommend this product thank you for this kind of products you made Vedix

Bharat Ranjan

What’s Your Skin Type?

Most men have oily skin yet, not all skin is considered oily. A man’s skin varies due to several factors, mainly genetics, lifestyle, and diet. A man’s skin is at least 25% thicker than a woman’s skin because their skin produces more oil therefore its texture is more complex. Although a man’s skin is thicker than a woman’s skin it’s more sensitive due to their daily shaving regimen and active hormones. Click below to find the right skincare system for your skin type and solution for your concerns.

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