This is Dr. Zeel Gandhi, Expert Ayurvedic Formulator at Vedix. I’ll be taking you through your skin analysis.

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You have identified as your primary skin concern. Based on the analysis of your dosha profile, your skin’s characteristics and your lifestyle, here is the recommended 3-step customised Ayurvedic skincare regimen formulated with 20+ natural handpicked ingredients and 0 harmful chemicals, best suited for .

The 3 product customised Ayurvedic regimen comes with the Cleanser, Face serum and Moisturiser for all-around care for your skin.

Dr. Zeel Gandhi

B.A.M.S. (Expert Ayurvedic Formulator)

's Recommended Vedix Regimen For Healthy & Glowing Skin Is 100% Natural

What’s Unique About Vedix?

Vedix is India’s first customised Ayurvedic skincare brand made from 100% natural ingredients. This is a skincare brand that is made in India celebrating the rich knowledge and heritage of Ayurveda.

Generic products vs Vedix customised Ayurveda

Skin type differs from person to person and so do the skin concerns. These generic products may not work or sometimes work but also show side effects too. More often than not, these products end up causing more damage than good.

Vedix products are 100% natural, Ayurvedic and exclusively customised for every individual skin type based on a thorough understanding of your skin type, texture, and your lifestyle and not just your skin issue. Interestingly, Vedix uses a targeted approach to deal with specific skin concerns and is highly effective in providing long term results without any chemicals involved.

How do Vedix formulations work on the skin?

Vedix used natural plant-based ingredients which are safe and easily absorbed by the skin for better results. What makes Vedix unique is that the products act beyond the surface of the skin. The key factor is to balance the elevated Dosha levels by using herbs and natural formulations.

The three product combination of Vedix Customised Ayurvedic Skin Care Regimen protects your skin from everyday damage; the cleanser is gentle on the skin and gets rid of the oil and dirt, the moisturiser nourishes the skin preventing the drying of the skin and the serum helps improve overall skin health.

Choose A Plan That's Right For You!


Save 63% On 6 Months Plan


*Home delivered and billed monthly for the next 6 months

One box of Vedix containing cleanser, serum & moisturiser is worth Rs.2097 (MRP)

Your monthly plans can be upgraded or cancelled anytime during the subscription period as per your needs.

Save 44% On 3 Months Plan


*Home delivered and billed monthly for the next 3 months

One box of Vedix containing cleanser, serum & moisturiser is worth Rs.2097 (MRP)

Your monthly plans can be upgraded or cancelled anytime during the subscription period as per your needs.

Save 14% On Trial Plan


*Home delivered and billed monthly for the next 1 month

One box of Vedix containing cleanser, serum & moisturiser is worth Rs.2097 (MRP)

Your monthly plans can be upgraded or cancelled anytime during the subscription period as per your needs.

“Vedix has helped me get my natural radiance back and I love my glowing skin now!”

- Aishwarya

“Vedix skin care has helped me heal my damaged skin and made it much healthier.”

- Shaheena

Vedix- A Wise Investment For Beautiful Skin

Isn’t your face the first thing that people notice? It is exactly the reason why your skincare regime should be a priority.

Dirt, pollution, UV rays, stress, lifestyle etc. take a huge toll on your skin and sometimes the damage caused is very hard to reverse.

Fact: The use of unsuitable skin care products can cause 3X damage in a very short time! There are so many products that claim to help reverse this damage. However, these products are:

  • Made with harmful chemicals
  • Not safe for the long run
  • Very expensive

Using expensive and fancy premium products is not the solution. The ideal skincare solution is one that is highly effective in treating skin concerns, protect the skin from damage and at the same time affordable.

Most of these products are nowhere close to being as safe as Vedix and are very expensive, costing Rs.1500/- per product. A 3-product regimen may cost a whopping Rs.5000/-.

However, Vedix provides safe and effective products that are exclusively formulated for your skin at a very affordable price. The customised 3 product skincare package costs as low as just Rs.999/-.

  • Free from alcohol, oil, silicons, sulfates, parabens or preservatives!
  • 100% Ayurvedic & customised for you!
  • Among the safest skin care products in India!

Your customised ayurvedic products also come with a 30-day money-back guarantee. You can claim a full refund within 30 days if you are not satisfied with your products!


India’s Most Awarded Customised Ayurvedic Beauty Care Regimen

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does The Vedix Skin Care Kit Contain?

Vedix Skin Care Kit contains 3 products - Cleanser, Moisturiser, Serum. The combination of your three products is decided by Vedix's Ayurvedic experts based on the answers provided in the Vedix Dosha Assessment Questionnaire.

Vedix cleanser gently removes dirt and grime from your skin, while also balancing its pH. It protects your skin from pollution, sun damage and more, without being harsh.

Vedix serum is formulated with time-tested Ayurvedic ingredients that nourish your skin. It helps promote brightness, fight signs of aging such as dark spots, wrinkles and improves overall skin health.

Vedix moisturiser protects your skin barrier, keeping it hydrated and soft. It helps protect your skin from acne and sun tan, while promoting radiant and clear skin.

What Are The Quantities Of Products In The Vedix Kit?

Vedix Customised Skincare Regimen comes with a 20ml serum, 100ml cleanser, 40ml moisturiser and a 'how to use' booklet.

What Is The Ideal Way Of Using Vedix skincare products?

Vedix 3-step routine is a morning and night regimen

01. Cleanse
Designed for daily use in the morning and night. Apply a small amount of Vedix cleanser on clean fingertips and gently massage onto damp skin. Avoid the immediate eye area. Rinse thoroughly. For optimal results, follow with Vedix Moisturizer.

02. Serum
At night, cleanse your face and apply the serum on acne and comedones. Apply moisturizer approximately after 20-30 minutes. Avoid using serum during the day.

03. Moisturize
Use 1-2 times a day after washing your face. Take a pea-sized amount into your palm. Apply to cheeks and the rest of the face using circular motions. Use light upward strokes, especially on the neck.

Can Pregnant Women Use Vedix?

No, we do not recommend the usage of Vedix products by pregnant women, nursing mothers and women planning pregnancy. Also, women on contraceptive pills should not use Vedix products.

Are Vedix Products Tested On Animals?

Vedix products are not tested on animals and are animal cruelty-free. They are 100% organic with no sulfates and parabens.

Do Vedix Products Have Side Effects?

Vedix products are customised based on your Dosha analysis. Hence, the possibility of having an adverse-effect is rare. Our products use 100% natural ingredients that further reduce the risk of any side-effects. However, some people can be allergic to natural products. If any irritation occurs, please discontinue usage and get in touch with us.

Can I Use The Information From The Questionnaire For Other Health Concerns?

Vedix Questionnaire is accurate with regards to defining a skin care solution for you according to your inputs. We suggest medical consultation for other health problems.

How Do I Reach Out To Vedix?

One can reach out to Vedix support team for queries at Email: support@vedix.com or WhatsApp: +914071434363

What If I Am Not Happy With The Products Or They Don’t Work For Me?

We know Vedix Customised products are the safest, simplest and fastest way to get clear & glowing skin. However, we also know that your hard earned money is valuable to you.

Your satisfaction is our utmost priority. That's why, if our products don’t meet your expectations, Vedix’s Healthy Skin Guarantee ensures that you get 100% of your money back. No Questions Asked!

WhatsApp: +914071434363
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