Shresht Acne Control Face Serum For Men 20ml

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  • Acne

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Product Description

  • Reduces breakouts & acne
  • Protects skin from harmful UV Rays
  • Improves skin texture

Key Ingredients

Vacha - Reduces acne
Kumari - Cleanses skin

Recommended Use

At night cleanse face and apply the serum on face & neck

Follow it up with moisturizer approximately after 20-30 minutes.

Use Vedix Customized Moisturizer for best results

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5 25th September 2021

I luv it! I can feel so much difference, my acne is getting controlled a lot now

Maheen Kumar

5 27th September 2021

Totally worth it! I finally can see results in my acne

Nitin Sharma

5 29th September 2021

Great product. Gives result in 2 weeks, Amazing !!

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