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Krishna Tila

Here’s What Our Customers Say About Us

Santhoshi | 17th August 2020

“Great product. Reduced My hairfalll a lot ”

Shwetha Kumari | 21st August 2020

“Nice product. Reduces hairfall”

Surekha Reddy | 23rd August 2020

“Good oil”

Rameshwari Goud | 26th August 2020

"I was losing lot of hair and i was seeing slight balding. I immediately changed to vedix and the oil has stopped my hair fall.”

Nithya | 29th August 2020


Jyothi Shetty | 31st August 2020

“It works very well i liked it”

Shravya Reddy | 2nd Sept 2020

“It works wonders. Thanks for making this product ”

Manasa Murali | 3rd Sept 2020

“Best hair oil i have ever used. Reduced my hair fall a lot”

Saadhya | 5th Sept 2020

“After using for a month myhairfall reduced so much and hair also became very thick”

Shivani Rao | 7th Sept 2020

“My hairfall problem is gone. Great product”