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Here’s What Our Customers Say About Us

Adil Sharma | 29th Oct 2020

“Great product. Hair feels nice ”

Srikanth Yadav | 30th Oct 2020

“My scalp feels so clean and fresh after hair wash.. Hair fall also reduced a lot. Hair became shiny. Thank you vedix!”

Ujjwal Agarwal | 31st Oct 2020

“I was suffering with greasy scalp from a long time. My hair was becoming so dry due to repeated washing. Now myscalp is clean enough and hair is also very soft and shiny. I love this shampoo!”

Teja | 2nd Nov 2020

"Balances oil on my scalp so well. Doesn’t dry out my hair”

Harsha Reddy | 4th Oct 2020

“Great shampoo. My hairfall reduced so much ”

Deepak Rathod | 7th Oct 2020

“Nice shampoo ”

Pranav Rathod | 9th oct 2020

“Hair is so much more better now. Amazing"

Vijay | 11th Oct 2020

“Hair fall reduced a lot. Hair texture has also improved. My split ends are reducing a lot.”

Ravi Kiran | 13th Oct 2020

“Good shampoo i lyk it”

Nazal | 15th Oct 2020

“Hair fall reduced completely. Its one of the best shampoos I’ve used lately.."