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Here’s What Our Customers Say About Us

Nikhil Kumar | 5th July 2020

“Gud product.. Makes my hair very soft”

Sahil | 7th July 2020

“I can see my hair growing faster than before.. Great oil”

Vinod | 9th July 2020

“awesome prodct.. my hair is so soft and shining now”

Pradeep Kumar | 11th July 2020

"Reduced my hairfall a lot.. hair became thicker now”

Pranay Yadav | 13th July 2020

“amazing oil. I am following the vedix schedule and i see lots of difference in my hair”

Praveen | 15th July 2020

“My hair became so soft and thick now.. I luv this oil”

Rohit | 17th July 2020

“Great product. I even recommended this to my friends we all love Vedix"

Anurag | 18th July 2020

“This is one of of the best hair oils. It works really well to reduce hair fall.”

Sudeep | 21st July 2020

“I see a lot of improvement in my hair now. It has become more soft and strong. I see lesser hairfall when compared to before. It is also very calming and soothing after application. I love it”

Aakash Yadav | 23rd July 2020