Key Ingredients


Here’s What Our Customers Say About Us

Medha | 30th November 2020

“It is made up of such natural and mild ingredients.”

Aanchal Singh | 30th November 2020

“This is a great shampoo for my naturally dry hair”

Sunitha Nathan | 30th November 2020

“My hair feels very smooth after every wash. Hair even looks bright and healthy!”

Ankitha Gaddam | 25th November 2020

"My hair fall has reduced by a lott ever since I started using this shampoo!”

Mahi | 25th November 2020

“Love how nice and foamy this shampoo gets when mixed with water and my hair looks shiny and feels so soft. ”

Nithya Nissi | 23rd November 2020

“I can visibly see how well-nourished my hair has gotten since I started using this shampoo.”

Harshitha Joseph | 23rd November 2020

“This shampoo has been so effective in making my brittle hair nice and soft plus giving it a nice shiny look!”

Rohini Gattikonda | 23rd November 2020

“Using this shampoo for a while now and it has made my hair more lustrous and soft.”

Sonali Rao | 22nd November 2020

“No more hair fall for me! Thanks to this amazing shampoo from Vedix!!”

Karishma Aswani | 22nd November 2020

“I have a naturally dry scalp, but using this shampoo regularly has kept my scalp well-nourished and moisturized!”