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Made from powerful Ayurvedic herbs such as nimba, patola and triphala, Vedix Dhava Detox & Gut Health Capsules stimulate immune response and facilitate healthy digestion. These capsules are customized for people with Vata-Pitta Prakriti.

How Does Vedix Dhava Detox & Gut Health Capsules Benefit You?

1. Detoxifies Body

It helps you get rid of harmful toxins in a gentle way, without depleting the strength of your body.

2. Increases Immunity Power

It supports your body in building a stronger immune system, thanks to all the essential nutrients present in the herbs.

3. Anti-Bacterial In Nature

The high antibacterial properties of the herbs guard your body against illnesses caused by different bacteria.

4. Nourishes Your Skin

It enhances the natural glow of your skin by providing deep nourishment, while it aids in gentle cleansing of dead cells in your skin.

5. Rejuvenates & Purifies Body

With rich antioxidants, it imparts cellular rejuvenation by eliminating free radicals from your body.

6. Supports Healthy Digestion And Absorption

The carminative herbs eliminate your digestive discomfort due to spasms or bloating. They also improve the nutrient absorption capacity of your gut and intestines.

7. Maintains Bowel Regularity

With a gentle laxative action, it is a great tonic for your bowel movement. It eases constipation and normalizes your bowel movement frequency.

8. Regulates Blood Sugar Levels

It helps in maintaining healthy blood sugar levels by boosting the metabolism of fats and reducing glucose absorption into the blood.

9. Promotes Joint Health

It imparts deep-joint nourishment, while the herbs with anti-inflammatory properties reduce pain and stiffness in your joints.

Hand-Picked Vata-Pitta Specific Ingredients

1. Patola (Pointed Gourd)

Patola promotes easy digestion by simulating your digestive fire and aids in detoxifying your blood. It balances all the three doshas in your body.

2. Nimba (Neem)

With rich antibacterial and antifungal properties of quercetin, nimbosterol, liminoids, etc., neem boosts your immune system and detoxifies your body internally. Neem balances Pitta dosha in your body.

3. Triphala - Haritaki (Chebulic Myrobalan) + Bibhitaki (Beleric Myrobalan) + Amalaki (Indian Gooseberry)

With rich tannins such as chebulagic acid, corilagin, gallic acid, bellericanin, etc., triphala is a combination of three cogent herbs. It promotes your gut health by stimulating your intestinal walls. Triphala balances all the three doshas in your body.

How To Use Vedix Dhava Detox & Gut Health Capsules?

Take 1 capsule everyday on an empty stomach with water early in the morning.

Keep a half an hour interval between the detox capsule and food. Warm water is permitted.

Precautions and Contraindications:

  • Keep children aged below 14 out of reach.
  • Avoid the intake of capsules during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

The Science Behind Vedix

Based on the ancient Ayurvedic concept of tridoshas, the status of your health and immunity depends upon the equilibrium of dominant doshas (Vata, Pitta and Kapha) in your body. The derangement of doshas, disrupts the optimum immune system function and diseases manifest.

At vedix, our in-house Ayurvedic experts, with more than 25+ of experience, analyse your aggravated dosha levels based on your answers given in our Dosha Assessment Questionnaire.

As per your dosha profile, we present you with a natural immunity booster with customized ingredients for your unique body needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is immunity as per Ayurveda?

A: According to Ayurveda, Bala (strength) and Vyadhi Kshamatha (resistance) are the two important components of your immune system. Bala of your immune system contributes in nourishment and repairing of your body tissues, while it also helps in disease prevention. Vyadhi Kshamatha contributes in fighting the disease-causing pathogens.

The equilibrium of Vata, Pitta and Kapha doshas in your body rules your strength and resistance by imparting overall balance of your body functions like digestion and elimination, in turn, promoting healthy immunity.

Q: How does your doshas influence your immunity?

A:1. Elevated Vata dosha in your body affects your strength and complexion. It causes imbalance in your immune system.

2. Elevated Pitta dosha causes indigestion in your body. It leads to disturbed metabolism, which results in diseases.

3. Elevated Kapha disturbs the natural functioning of your immune system, which results in diseases.

Q: What is detoxification?

A: The process of detoxification includes resting, cleansing and nourishing your body and organ cells from inside. Lungs, kidneys, liver, lymph, skin and colon are the six important organs of your body, which need detoxification regularly as many harmful toxins accumulate in these organs.

Q:What are the different immunity boosting capsules from Vedix?

A: At Vedix we have

Q: Are Vedix immunity booster capsules licensed?

A: Yes, all the immunity boosting products from Vedix are licensed by FSSAI.

Q: Are Vedix immunity booster capsules gluten free?

A: Yes, all the immunity boosting capsules from Vedix are gluten free. Also, they are dairy as well as soy free, which makes it consumable for vegans.

Q: Does it help a diabetic patient?

A: If you are pre-diabetic, Dhava Detox & Gut Health capsules can help prevent diabetes as it regulates healthy blood glucose metabolism. However, it cannot cure diabetes.

Q: Is this medicine suitable for people without a gallbladder, and who are gluten allergic?

A: People without gallbladder can use Dhava Detox & Gut Health capsules as it supports your digestive system. People with gluten allergy also can use the capsules as all the ingredients mentioned in the product are gluten-free. Besides, consistent use of the Dhava Detox capsules can reduce gluten allergy.

Q: Does it relieve gas and acidity?

A: Yes, all the three ingredients in the Dhava Detox & Gut Health capsules can relieve your gas problem and acidity pain, eliminating your digestive discomfort.

Q: How does the Gut health capsules help a COVID patient?

A: Intake of Dhava Detox & Gut Health capsules may help prevent the COVID attack to a certain extent, by enhancing your immune system. For a COVID patient with mild symptoms, the doctor may advise the intake of capsules as a complementary therapy to support his/her immune system. However, the capsules are not meant to be a direct line of treatment for Covid-19.

Q: Can it be taken to recover from cold & cough?

A: Yes, gut health capsules can be taken to recover from common cold & cough as it increases your immunity. Make sure your cold or cough is not a symptom of an underlying fever.

Q: Can I take the capsule with other medications I am already using?

A: Gut health capsules support your immune system under normal health conditions. Usually, it does not interfere with common medicines. But if you want to use the gut health capsules along with other medications, please confirm with your doctor.

Q: What happens if I miss a dose of this capsule?

A: Missing a dose of the capsule does not result in any side effects. But it may delay the process of strengthening your immune system.

Q: What happens if I mistakenly intake overdose?

A: Strictly follow the recommended dose of the gut health capsules. For once, it may not show any adverse effects, but if you repeat the mistake, please consult your doctor.

Q: How much time will these capsules take to improve my immunity? For how long should I be continuing their intake?

A: Dhava Detox & Gut Health capsules can improve your immunity when taken for 3 months, in conjunction with the recommended guidelines for a healthy lifestyle (proper meals, adequate sleep, rest and exercise). One may experience healthy digestion within 7-10 days, which then will slowly nurture good immune system functions with regular usage.

Q: What makes Vedix immunity capsules different from other immune-boosting pills in the market?

A: Mass-produced immunity pills available in the market are not formulated for your body’s specific needs and may have side effects as they are not fully plant-based/Ayurvedic. Whereas the Vedix immunity supplements are customized with precious herbs as per your body’s unique Ayurvedic doshas (vital energies). The inputs given by you in the Dosha analysis questionnaire help our Ayurvedic experts assess and understand your doshas. Vedix immunity supplements are then recommended to you based on your doshas & specific health concerns.

Why Vedix?

1. Customised For You

At Vedix, we customize the immunity boosting capsules based on your unique dosha profile, with specific herbs assigned for each Prakriti.

2. Ayurvedic Doctor Approved Formulations

Vedix immunity capsules are made up of highly balanced Ayurvedic formulations, which are approved by well experienced Ayurvedic doctors with more than 25+ years of expertise.

3. Zero Side Effects

Made from 100 % natural ingredients, Vedix immunity supplements have zero side effects.

4. Delivered At Your Doorstep

We deliver you a month’s worth of capsules at your doorstep with zero contact.

5. Money-Back Guarantee

In case you are not satisfied with the products after regular usage, we offer you a full refund with no questions asked.

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