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Vedix is formulated by experts - Dr. Varsha Prabala and Dr. Sridevi Gaddam - with over 25 years of ayurvedic hair treatments. Dr. Varsha Prabala has a seamless record of expert research & development in Ayurvedic formulations for skin and hair. She is an established and highly skilled Ayurvedic Practitioner with over five years of clinical practice. She conducted over 5000 hours of extensive trials, testing and proving the effectiveness of Vedix Customized Hair Care Regimen.

Dr. Sridevi Gaddam is an award-winning Ayurvedic Practitioner with over 20 years of clinical expertise. She mastered the art of formulations and panchakarma from some of the most respected Gurus of Ayurveda in Kerala. She is the brains behind Vedix, as well as the lead formulator.

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